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Found 1 result

  1. From the album: San Brickardo Police Department (SBPD)

    After quite a while of work (and even more time spent trying to render this thing!) in finally able to present to you a brand new (digital) build! This building (The Old Metropolitan Times Building) is the official office of the Internal Affairs branch of the San Brickardo Police Department. You may ask why the Internal Affairs branch has its own large office instead of being housed in HQ? The IA Branch has its own office away from other police facilities so that a civilian walking in with a complaint has no chance of seeing the officer they are complaining against while trying to report them. The first floor holds a private business (a bike shop) while the second floor has the bullpen, evidence locker, interview and observation room as well as receptionist desk. The third floor has the captains office, surveillance room and briefing room. The building is also equipped with a fire escape system and the roof hosts the capability to do press briefings and has a surveillance drone launching pad/storage area. More detailed pics located here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSKjI8vANa5/ Aside from the Crown Vics being @ Josh s the build is entirely custom.

    © Rescue 423 2021

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