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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. From the album: Lego City Police Force

    Captain Amelia Viotto is the commanding officer of the LCPF's newly established Southern Division. She recently rejoined the force after her 3rd tour with the armed forces. Captain Viotto served as a patrol officer with the LCPF for 5 years, before joining the SWAT team. She left SWAT with the rank as Sgt for her first tour and took the Captain's exam abroad. She is happy to be back at the job and strives to make the Southern Division an amazing place to be. Her job as Captain consists of assigning and keeping tabs on all cases in her division, as well as managing all of its officers. She also releases all the statements from this division and represents this division in press conferences. Captain Viotto is originally of Italian descent and lives in a nice house in Bracket Bay with her husband and occasional visits from her adult kids. She enjoys race car driving as a hobby and is famous all around for her amazing Italian cuisine.

    © Rescue 423 2021

  2. From the album: Lego City Police Force

    Early this morning LCPF responded to an armed mugging on Duke St. The suspect led officers on a foot pursuit and after a trip to the Lego Emergency Museum ended up disappearing into a sewage grate. This incident is actually a lot more complex than it sounds. Check out the full write up on the LCPF website for more info: http://legocitypoliceforce.weebly.com/news/violent-mugging-armed-suspect-on-the-run

    © Rescue 423 2021

  3. From the album: Lego City Police Force

    Another zero-emission vehicle for the South division. This one is a bike used by the "Foot Patrol' unit. The bike is easy to spot, being bright blue in color. These bikes will be patrolling all along the River Thames, on both the North and South side, although they are stationed with the south division. They do not respond to calls are will be used for proactive anti-minor offenses patrols.

    © Rescue 423

  4. Rescue 423

    New LCPF BMW i3

    From the album: Lego City Police Force

    The Southern Division is actually a really small division with lots of alleys and docks. That's why it only had one large police car assigned to it (the new ARV). This has since changed as the LCPF recently purchased a fully electric BMW i3 as well as a couple of bikes to patrol the area. The BMW i3 can respond to calls if (and only if) they are nearby as it does have a kinda short electric battery. It can fit only one officer and holds a set of handcuffs, a radio, and pepper spray (it doesn't hold a taser which is allowed as the other car assigned to the area is armed). It is part of the LCPF's new green initiative, alongside our bike patrol, and hydrogen-powered response car. It also goes to community engagement events all across the city. Edit: It was a very spontaneous fun little build. Will have a charging station built for it soon.

    © Rescue 423 2021

  5. From the album: Lego City Police Force

    LCPF was called to a disturbance around the back of the brand new south division station. Foot patrol officers arrived on the scene and found 1 male overdosing on an unknown drug. LCFB Engine 5 responded to the scene and started to administer first aid until an ambulance arrived on the scene. LCPF traffic motorbikes escorted the victim to Lego City Health Center where he is currently recovering. More info: http://legocitypoliceforce.weebly.com/news/serious-overdose

    © Rescue 423 2021

  6. The Lego City police Force (LCPF) website is the most up-to-date wat of finding out information about the LCPF. it has extensive info on all specialist units, history, and organization of the LCPF. It also has live updates on incidents going on around the city.

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