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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. From the album: Lego City Police Force

    Officer Liam Amos is the North Division Armory Officer (AO). Each division in the LCPF has an AO, responsible for maintaining equipment and handing out equipment to patrol officers at the beginning of their shift as well as specialized units when they go out on assignments. Amos does an amazing job behind the scenes keeping officer's vital gear functioning. Officer Amos is a 10-year veteran with the force, spending 5 in patrol before 4 years in narcotics, only just becoming an AO last year. Officer Amos is of Greek descent and lives with his grandmother in New Lego City. Officer Amos enjoys collecting action figurines as well as working at the families deli, also located in new Lego City.

    © Rescue 423 2021

  2. From the album: Lego City Police Force

    Early this morning LCPF responded to an armed mugging on Duke St. The suspect led officers on a foot pursuit and after a trip to the Lego Emergency Museum ended up disappearing into a sewage grate. This incident is actually a lot more complex than it sounds. Check out the full write up on the LCPF website for more info: http://legocitypoliceforce.weebly.com/news/violent-mugging-armed-suspect-on-the-run

    © Rescue 423 2021

  3. From the album: Lego City Police Force

    A warrant was served for the illegal sale of alcohol at one of the more notorious nightclubs in all of "New lego City". Although nothing was found officers will be routinely dropping by this address for inspections as its owner is the grandson of the biggest crime boss in Lego City, Colonel Mustard. More details and pictures: http://legocitypoliceforce.weebly.com/news/warrant-served-with-psrt-and-spec-ops

    © Rescue 423 2021

  4. From the album: Lego City Police Force

    LCPF was called out to a male resisting arrest at Lego City General Hospital late last night. Many units responded code 3 to the area, and the male was arrested with the help of the brand new "Special Constable unit". The suspect turned out to be on bail from another offense. Check out more info on this incident at the link below: http://legocitypoliceforce.weebly.com/news/suspect-resisting-arrest-lego-city-hospital

    © Rescue 423 2021

  5. The Lego City police Force (LCPF) website is the most up-to-date wat of finding out information about the LCPF. it has extensive info on all specialist units, history, and organization of the LCPF. It also has live updates on incidents going on around the city.
  6. From the album: Lego City Police Force

    This photo: Head of the North Division, and a detective interview members of the crowd that were attacked. More info on the incident and what happened: http://legocitypoliceforce.weebly.com/news/knife-attack-suspect-in-hospital

    © Rescue 423 2021

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