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Found 1 result

  1. From the album: San Brickardo Police Department (SBPD)

    Elm Ave (pictured) is the northernmost street in the 7th Division and serves as the Northern border. The section of the street is relatively short and runs half the width of the division, but don't let the size confuse you, this division is one of the busiest and most dangerous in the city. Along the North-East border of the division is the 7th Division station, the modular police station. Next to that is an electronics shop/apartment building, with barred windows and (like every other business in the division, no matter what they sold) a panic button. Next comes the Elm Ave monorail and bus station, the only indication that the monorail line, hidden behind the buildings actually exists. The area in front of this station is often used by dealers of all kinds selling their illegal goods. Between the monorail station and the electronics shop lies Franks Hotdogs, a hotdog stand well known by the community. To the left of the monorail station lies a pharmacy, and to the left of that is the institution that is "Elm Ave Center for the homeless and Mentally Ill" the second-largest homeless shelter in the city, which serves the entire East End. Officers and paramedics frequent this establishment bringing people in and calming people down when the situation gets rough. In terms of crime, this neighborhood is known for drunken disorderly calls, vandalism, petty theft, and other calls that come with it being a low-income area. More serious crimes like armed robberies, muggings, shootings, and stabbings also occur, and are often a result of gang violence. Only 1 gang operates in the 7th division, called the Elm Ave Plates, which supplies drugs and illegal firearms into the division. More detailed photos of all of these buildings can be found in another album labeled "San Brickardo". All of the following buildings and decals are custom made except the Ford Crown Vic which is @ Josh design.

    © Rescue 423 2021

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