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About Me

Found 14 results

  1. Joshua B

    Ram Flatbeds

    From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    Left or right? 🤔

    © 2021 Joshua B

  2. Joshua B

    Abandoned Vehicle

    From the album: Liberty County Sheriff's Department

    New incident! Check it out at https://thelcsd.weebly.com/news--incidents/abandoned-vehicle

    © 2020 Joshua B

  3. From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    I finally got these pics of my camera and got a good look at them for the first time today! The lighting was far from ideal, but I did manage to find a spot where you can't see any people lol!
  4. From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    Playing round with different edited lights using Procreate instead of Picsart... I definitely like the flare better, but as you can see on the light bar, it's not cooperative with colored lights. Only against the red of the apparatus do they look very red.
  5. Joshua B

    Squad 3

    From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    Algonquin Fire Department Squad 3 is a 2020 Pierce Saber rescue pumper, with a 2000gpm pump, 400gal water tank, and 80gal foam tank. Inspired by Christian C and Castle Beach FD Engines 1 and 11. This was the first rig I striped and chevroned so please excuse how terrible they are XD
  6. Joshua B

    New Snowplow

    From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    Last night a snowplow finally got put on the mechanics rig at the dept shops, and the mechanic also put dual 4" straight pipes on the flatbed.

    © 2021 Joshua B

  7. Joshua B

    New Snowplow

    From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    Here are a couple more views of the plow. It's a pretty basic plow, just some tiles, inverted slopes, and plates, held in place by a ball joint which allows it to be raised, lowered, and adjusted to direct snow out either side.

    © 2021 Joshua B

  8. Joshua B

    Wildland 3

    From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    This rig is another favorite, and was a first in a couple ways. It was the first rig I ever decaled, and the first in a series of increasingly detailed pump panels. Wildland 3 is a 2020 Freightliner M2 / HME Type 3 Wildland. A brush guard, additional 100ft booster reels in the hose bed, and spray bars under the bumper are some additions from previous apparatus. Wildland 3 is equipped with a 750 gpm pump, 500 gal tank, and 20 gal each of class A and B foam.
  9. From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    This is another one of my favorite pics. Looking back I can't believe I put the rig that close to the edge 😂
  10. From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    Another view at the same place. I also have pics of it in front of Mt Rushmore but they're on my camera and I still haven't gotten them off lol, I should do that.
  11. From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    Of all the pics I took on this trip of Squad 2, this is easily my favorite. Squad 2 in front of a natural reflective pool in the Snowy Range. The mountains are way closer then they look. It was hard taking these pics cause I kept having to run off the road when cars came XD
  12. From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    Took this pic at one of those pull offs in Yellowstone National Park last summer

    © Joshua B

  13. From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    Just posting this here, I know it's an older rig but still by fave!
  14. From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    Added 5” front 3” rear lifts and 35” tires with 2” spacers to the Battalion Chiefs. Definitely not something IRL BCs have, but it looks good so... 🤷They are a 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 and a 2020 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel. The Chevy will be getting an HD front end eventually. Credit to Michael P for the Ram

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The Water Cooler

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