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  1. The snow is coming down hard in Brick Village. The utilities are running first due to all alarms with plows to ensure that there is a clear path to each incident location.

  2. I will be posting designs of units from my county's Search and Rescue agency in the coming days. 


    The SAR agency is a command/coordination agency that runs all SAR operations in the county. The agency runs several staff vehicles, a mobile command center, and several equipment vehicles. They have their own skeleton crew of searchers, but they are supplemented by local emergency services and volunteers, who meet the County on scene of an operation. Volunteers are issued their own equipment; participating agencies receive a stipend but are responsible for their own equipment, manpower and transportation. 


    A typical County response is 2 staff cars, the mobile command center and 1 equipment vehicle. Staff on scene will begin a basic search and gather information to help locate the victim while waiting for additional searchers to arrive, at which point larger, coordinated searches will take place.

  3. New Side Department:

    I will be starting a new side department. This agency is a merger between 6 fire/rescue departments, a fire department, and an ambulance agency. The department will have 3 4-station battalions and 1 3-station battalion. There will be 2 divisions - Division 1 (Battalions 1 & 4) and Division 2 (Battalions 2 & 3). Each Division will have a Division Chief that will respond to calls when both battalions in their division are called to the same alarm.

    Each battalion will have a Battalion Headquarters, training facility and minor maintenance facility (oil changes on apparatus, fixing SCBAs and such, except for the First Battalion). Each Battalion has a Battalion Chief, Chief Mechanic, and EMS Chief.

    The First Battalion will have the Department Headquarters, the major repair shop, and miscellaneous storage facilities. 

    The 2nd and 3rd Battalions are each on the waterfront, and as such will have a combination of boats and water rescue apparatus in addition to the regular units. The 1st and 4th are both landlocked, and will run the typical units. 

  4. I am now selling apparatus. Please PM me if you're interested in discussing anything. I take payments via PayPal. Have a nice day! 

  5. Anyone looking to sign Mutual Aid contracts?

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    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      @Ed O Algonquin Fire Department https://algonquinfd.weebly.com/  Do you have a website other then youtube?

    3. Ed O

      Ed O

      Not at the moment. I have a site but it's not published due to major department overhaul

    4. Joshua B
  6. Purely out of curiosity - who else on here is a firefighter/EMT/medic? Who is just a builder?

    1. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      I am just a builder. 

    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      I'm just a LEGO fanatic who stumbled on the LFC and got hooked

  7. From the Office of the Board of Fire Commissioners:

    Due to Station 4 being approximately 10 minutes from the next closest BVFD station, Engines 4 & 14 will be re-specced to be 2,000-gallon engine-tankers to allow for the amount of time required for aditional manpower to arrive. The department will also be changing from 2 ladders to 3 to put one at 4. 

  8. Thinking of a new side department. It's going to be industrial - well, kind of. Basically it will be a fire brigade (meaning the FFs do other non-FD-related jobs unless there is an emergency) that protects a massive industrial farm. They will operate several brush trucks for the fields, a few structural engines, a few tankers, one tower ladder and one tech rescue unit (in case of grain bin emergencies). All of the engines will carry foam due to the farm equipment storage garages on the property. What does everyone think about this?

    1. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Sounds interesting!! Did you get the idea from any real fire brigade?

    2. Ed O

      Ed O

      Nope, just something random I came up with

  9. Still waiting on parts for Engine 1. Hopefully I'll get them some time this century.

  10. Just curious if there's anyone willing to touch up my decal design so I can print it?

    1. Sven


      Sadly I don't have the time for doing it. Sorry Ed

  11. Really want to make some sort of special rig to designate as a parade/event piece, but not really sure what kind of rig I want to go with. Any suggestions?

  12. Updated Engine 6 will be posted soon; expect additional rigs in the coming months. 

  13. Anyone have any ideas for a Ford Expedition design?


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