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  1. Having one of those days... can't get the design to cooperate and I think it's giving me a migraine 

  2. Am I the only person that thinks hitting the arrows/arrow keys while looking at the pics in the "New Creations!" slideshow it show go to the next creation and not photos in the same album as the one you're viewing 

  3. Seeing lots of people join, but the only newer person that posts anything is Dennis. Wonder why.

  4. Check out the new BVFD station assignments/organization in the "Departments & Organizations" thread

  5. Lego needs to make parts with different colors at different 'heights'... for example a headlight brick that is 2 plates tall one color and then the top plate is a different color

  6. When did Seagrave introduce the Capitol chassis? Never heard of it before but now I'm seeing departments all over ordering them.

    1. Josh


      It looks cool and its probably quite function...Maybe they think it will be a Capitol investment?

  7. The LFC has too many counties and groups, change my mind

  8. The BVFD rebuild is still underway... stay tuned!

  9. Pretty bummed right now

  10. Did the IALFF shut down? Website doesn't work. As a member, a  heads up would have been nice.

    1. ID-1


      Nope, there's been some technical issues between Google and Weebly.

    2. Ed O

      Ed O

      Found the site... and I'm not on the members list anymore. Interesting... 

  11. I really think it's time to purge this site. The number of accounts that haven't been on in years is unbelievable. 

  12. Welp, one of my BL packages seems to have disappeared. Greaaat

    1. Sven


      That really sucks and I hope that It's still on it's way to you. Maybe something to do with the weather? USPS cancelled service for a couple days due to weather.

    2. Ed O

      Ed O

      I have no idea, the tracking hasn't been updated since Jan 23rd 

  13. Turning into a skeleton waiting for my BL parts

  14. Engine 6 is on order!

  15. 2nd side department is underway