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    I've been collecting LEGO's for the past 10 years. I own and operate the Lego Angeles Fire and Police Departments. I'm a drummer, a Volunteer Firefighter, I love old things, and my number one interest is Public Safety. I'm currently a Senior in High School, and I'm 17. http://www.mocpages.com/home.php/107062

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  1. Happy Birthday M. Galligano!

  2. Got a 2008 Ford Escape.

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    2. Joshua O.

      Joshua O.

      Same here. Dad has a truck, so I'm looking at a sedan.

    3. TMJ28


      I had a car and got rid of it for my 2-Door truck and I have no issues getting all of my stuff around...and I have a lot. Just get a toolbox.

    4. M. Galligano

      M. Galligano

      The winters here are brutal and there's quite a bit of rain here in the summer and I don't need to spend more money on a tonneau cover, so I'll stick with an SUV.

  3. Caught a structure fire at 1:30 AM today. Shoulder's a bit sore from backing up a line for two hours.

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    2. ~JD~


      Umm, training burns are different. They're in a controlled environment with instructors and safety measure in place to save you if anything happens, mostly you freaking out or passing out since most burn buildings are concrete and pose no threat of collapse.

    3. Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      And in the FF1 burns, they used only Hay and minor amounts of wood in the center of the room, which is a completely different experience to that of a fully involved and occupied living area, with modern style flammable items that flash in significantly less time than any hay pile fire.

    4. Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      Also, fighting fire is still fighting fire, no mater where you are in this amazing planet we live on. We just have some different methods.

  4. Officially a Certified New York State Firefighter. I'll be nationally certified by next month!

    1. T.J. Brammer

      T.J. Brammer

      Congrats on being certified!

    2. Joshua O.
  5. Air Force One flew over my school at dismissal while flying to Griffiss AFB for his thing in Cooperstown. My friend's dad is apparently in charge of Law Enforcement for the detail there.

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    2. Dakota


      Especially when they are made by 13 years olds >.< At that age your views reflect your parents more than your own.

    3. M. Galligano
    4. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      Thats a cool sight! I saw it land here in Puerto Rico a couple of years ago, also had Marine 1 fly him around the island, and his presidential convey, but didn't ride in his limo, rather some suburbans.

  6. Happy Birthday M. Galligano!

  7. Got fitted for my Class B uniform and got a nice pair of BDU boots.

    1. Lego Island Beach FD

      Lego Island Beach FD

      Nice, is this for your explorer post?

    2. M. Galligano

      M. Galligano

      Regular department. I'll be a "Restricted Firefighter," which is the equivalent to a Junior. I'm a Non-Interior.

  8. Had all four of my wisdom teeth removed today.. Ouch

    1. Martijn Meijdam

      Martijn Meijdam

      There was not really much wisdom in you anyway xD

      (too easy, I know)

    2. ~JD~


      Martijn- LOL

      Had 7 teeth pulled before. Nothing but pain meds and Ice cream all day!

  9. Rigs arrived today. I have yet to get to them, so I'll have pictures up by Wednesday night.

  10. Expect to see Rescue 1, Engine 3, Engine 4, Truck 3, Patrol 2, and Lifeguard 3 by the end of the month.

    1. Harrison McNeill

      Harrison McNeill

      LDD or real bricks?

    2. M. Galligano
    3. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      sweeet cnat wait to see them!

  11. Truck 2 is now in service. Pictures can be found at www.legoangelesfire.weebly.com/battalion-1 and in the EB Gallery.

  12. Enjoying the nice warm weather in Boca!

  13. Various departments working a structure fire: heavy smoke and flames were visible upon arrival, two children were trapped. Exterior operations at this time, rescue complete, 5 engines, 2 rescues, 1 truck, 1 airvan.

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    2. T.J. Brammer

      T.J. Brammer

      It's so tragic that all of them didn't make it out alive.

    3. M. Galligano

      M. Galligano

      **Correction** It was a 21 year old female.

    4. Sven


      Very sad and tragic news.... :(

  14. Squad 1 is up on the website. Visit www.legoangelesfire.weebly.com/battalion-2

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