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    Legos Fire dept. I also sell Custom trucks the page is Customfireapparatus.weebly.com

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  1. Hello guys. This summer I will be selling Rigs and just letting people know if anyone is interested in checking some out. Me and Adam Rutland are selling units. The stores Url is Customfireapparatus.weebly. com I hope yall at least give it a look.

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    2. legotom


      more parts...then and only then can you start to reap the profits. Even then you will need to reinvest 30-50% of what you sell into parts. I would also get rid off the LDD pictures on the page and put up pictures of actual rigs.

    3. ID-1


      ^Tom nailed this one. Personally, I'd caution working with Adam but perhaps he's matured.

    4. Edgar M

      Edgar M

      @legotom Thank you very much for the advice those pics are just temporary until I get the rigs I am ordering. I will be posting real pics. @ID-1 Im the one controlling the sales and so far i think me and him are getting along. so fingers crossed. He can be pretty cool once you get to know him you know

  2. hey does anyone know if there are any fire explorers near Atlanta Georgia

  3. Happy Birthday Edgar M!

  4. The BCFD has just ordered a seagrave tiller and (our station 51 ) pictures to come

    1. ~JD~


      Sounds nice! Can the department give any details on the apparatus?

    2. Edgar M

      Edgar M

      The new tiller truck is Paulo R's tiller on ldd but I thought it looked a lot like the tiller I liked so I downloaded the file. http://www.indianafiretrucks.com/Station.aspx?StationId=205

  5. have any of you had rigs downloaded from you and then the dude who downloads them deletes his account? i just noticed someone did it to me

  6. Mocpages just crashed why was that

    1. ~JD~


      Because they like to continuously irritate their users.

    2. Edgar M

      Edgar M

      lol thanks for the fyi

    3. ~JD~
  7. I'm thinking of making a new ambulance company. It will be called LifeLine EMS. But im not sure if the color scheme shold be white withe a blue line around the rig what do you guys think ???

    1. davidzq


      Too simple for my taste, but I'm a known lunatic around these parts...

    2. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      Make it all white, with orange and blue stripping!

  8. Oh BTW his son graduated yesterday

    1. Lebby


      Are you referring to Goldfeder's Keynote?

    2. Edgar M

      Edgar M

      no to the Griffin GA police officer that was killed while trying to arrest a woman.

      He was shot in the back

  9. R.I.P. Griffin GA police officer killed while of duty.

  10. ill post a picture of the new truck and all others I have built on mocpages as soon as possible

  11. what chasiss do you guys think would be better a seagrave maurauder or a pierce arrowxt for a rescue engine

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    2. Edgar M

      Edgar M

      Thanks for the input guys iv decided to to with THE maurauder because its not my area of expertise

      And I Wang to expandido my knowledge un building technices

    3. ~JD~


      You had me up until the "And" then you completely lost me.

    4. Edgar M

      Edgar M

      I want to expand my knowledge on new building techniques

  12. Welcome to the forums Edgar M :)

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