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  1. Happy Birthday Chris Sullivan-Irwin!

  2. Finally getting around to uploading updated pictures of my built rigs. I had to re-size all the pictures to be able to upload them. Standby for Link.

  3. It's bot Lego related, but I wanted you all to know. I am now an official Volunteer Firefighter with the Alplaus, NY Fire Company!

  4. I just finished designing a new F350 crewcab pickup, and it looks pretty good! I'll have pictures up later today, one will be my PD colors since it looks so sick!

    1. EHFDtower751


      liking the lsfd chief one.

      Very nice builds

    2. Chris Sullivan-Irwin
  5. Just as a heads up to everyone, I won't be able to do any renders for the next few days, as I will not be at my apartment, where my computer is.

  6. A new render is on the way which will showcase the new tiller in action.

  7. Currently working on a 1995 Seagrave tiller on LDD, and if it comes out good enough I'll try and order the parts for it after christmas

    1. Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      Update: Rig is designed on LDD and pic's will be us ASAP

  8. Well, my Bricklink order of 22 of the new firefighter legs is being shipped as we speak... or read? Anyways, I'll be updating all my minifigs with these pants, which will help add the realism back to my department. Also I changed my profile picture again.

  9. This new set looks pretty neat, and loaded with details too!

  10. A call for the smell of gas (near a gas station) went out for a nearby company, and the dispatcher said it slow and quietly, with a slightly depressed sounding voice. A few seconds after the final tones were done and the channel was quiet, the same dispatcher clicked on and said "Shocker..." I have never been so proud of my local dispatchers.

    1. Dakota


      Beware complacency.

    2. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Investigate and repremand.

  11. West Glenville has gone on 3 calls in the past 24 hours, I think that's a new record!

    1. Jackeatley


      In most places that would be a record for a slow day.

  12. The neighboring fire district in my Area (District 5, Beukendaal Volunteer FD), has been granted a go ahead vote for a referendum by its residents. This vote has allowed for a 4.5 million dollar grant in order for the district to build a new fire station addition and refurbish the existing building. This station looks amazing, and I am glad for beukendaal. Heres a link to their site with the plans for the new addition: http://www.beukendaalfd.com/building/

  13. The floor of the Scotia Fire House is getting re-paved. All the trucks are parked outside for the next 1 to 2 weeks, though I don't know where Engine 202 has disappeared to.

    1. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Look under the table for engine 202?. And let us know if its in bits.

    2. Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      Oh no, not my Lego's, I mean the real SFD. Though I think the Paid guys may have been playing with her to hard recently, may have broke her again during training.

  14. Well, just accidentally made a purchase on bricklink trying to figure out the shipping rates and such. I sent an email to the store and attached a note on the Pending order saying it was an error, hopefully they contact me back and accept the mistake. Having this happen at 5 am isn't gonna really sleep tonight.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      @Harrison Nothing to big, cost without shipping would be $26, but I wasn't planning on making this order, just trying to figure out shipping.

    3. NBFD891


      For future reference, either check the stores terms or (if the store has the feature enabled), use the gross cart weight to determine an approximate charge. Usually the store terms either state a flat rate or how it is calculated.

    4. Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      okay, thank you. I noticed the approx. shipping charge later after the mix up. Would only be $4 for the 3 lots, not too bad.

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