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  1. Hey all, I've put 8 vehicles up for sale on eBay! Take a look, and if you're interested, PM me for a EB members discount off the list prices! http://www.ebay.com/sch/warnnic/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

  2. question: would people be interested in purchasing some of my light rescues and pickups with some parts (lightbars and emergency equipment) removed? Or would that make them less attractive to buyers?

    1. Lake Dodge Fire Rescue

      Lake Dodge Fire Rescue

      I would imagine most people would still buy if they liked the truck. However, lightbars and emergency equipment do make the trucks more attractive to buyers who have a low piece amount and are buying because they can't get enough bricks to build a decent rig, so they would probably be looking for a full package.

  3. Anyone interested in purchasing an ambulance PM me, currently have 4 to sell.

  4. just wondering, is the Best of 2014 contest happening this year? cause i've got a new ferrara ultra that will win for sure :P

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    2. Nick Warner

      Nick Warner

      loosely based FDNY-style squad. gonna be pretty sharp i think

    3. T.J. Brammer
    4. Sven


      Everyone is a winner because we had a lot of really cool and intersting builts this year. Especially the quality is raised ;) ;) But can't wait to see your new rig Nick. :)

  5. why do all these little people find it necessary to add 'girls' under interests on their profile?

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    2. Lake Dodge Fire Rescue

      Lake Dodge Fire Rescue

      @oceanbrick, I don't think anyone said you were..

    3. oceanbrickfire


      @tim I know, but just wanted to add that

    4. Graeme T
  6. I'm considering listing some of my pre-2013 rigs on eBay in the future so that I can replace them. If anyone would be interested, let me know which ones you'd like to see.

  7. Happy Birthday Nick Warner!

  8. City of Lego Heights Fire Department in discussions with Rosenbauer and Excellance for a new engine and EMS unit.

    1. Joshua O.

      Joshua O.

      What type of engine is the department discussing? (side-mount, rear-mount, etc.)

    2. Nick Warner

      Nick Warner

      Side-Mount, concept currently modeled off of Cincinnati Fire's Spartan/Rosenbauer engines.

    3. Joshua O.

      Joshua O.

      Those are some sweet engines! Good luck.

  9. Lego Heights Police cars up in gallery!

  10. Lego Heights Police have ordered their first two 2014 Ford Explorer SUVs

  11. new engine, ambo, and utility up either tonight or tomorrow. woo!

  12. thinking about selling off 8 of my current rigs to be replaced. PM or email if anyone's interested in them.

  13. finally! L13 and E12 are done! decals then they're up...