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  1. I have updated my website. Pages that were updated are: Liberty St Station & West 1st Street. Both of these pages can be found under Battalion 1. Station 4 is under construction at this time. It is a 2 story single bay fire station. Pictures will be posted of the construction soon on my website. There is a lot more coming to the P.L.F.D. http://plfd.weebly.com

  2. Ladder 37 is now at the P.L.F.D Shops and awaiting to have the reflective tape applied. I have also since added pieces in between the wheels to make it look much better than in the pictures posted. Once the reflective tape arrives, it will be applied and Ladder 37 will be placed into service.

    1. Matt M.

      Matt M.

      Also Attack 37 will be arriving this week. The unit was purchased from the City of Lego Heights Fire Department. Thank you again Nick for allowing us to purchase this unit from you. She will serve the P.L.F.D well into the future.

    2. Nick Warner

      Nick Warner

      I'm glad I could find HazTac Rescue 14 a new home! I'm sure she'll continue to serve well into the future.

    3. Matt M.

      Matt M.

      That she will Nick, that she will. Again thank you for letting me purchase this unit from you my friend.

  3. Hey everyone, check out this page. I have uploaded some progress pictures of the Ferrara Ladder Truck. The ladder is that you will see in the pictures is just placed there to show what it will look like after completion. http://plfd.weebly.com/ferrara-ladder.html

  4. Happy Birthday Matt M.!

  5. All lego fire trucks for the PLFD are on hold for a short time.

  6. Working on a brand new head quarters for the plfd. There will be a museum located off to the side of the building which will house our 1923 Seagrave Pumper. The first for of both the station and museum are complete at this time.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sven


      Yeah, show us some pics my friend ;)

    3. Matt M.

      Matt M.

      Don't have my camera or I would show pictures

    4. Matt M.

      Matt M.

      Once I get my camera I will post pictures.

  7. Full 1st Alarm Structure fire this evening. Got on scene with heavy smoke showing. Performed truck work and managed to save the house. Not to much damage was done to the upstairs. Now time for bed, feeling very tired.

  8. Happy Birthday Matt M.!

  9. Down for the count again. Hurt my knee again and possibly tore ligaments.

    1. Ben


      Dang, that sucks! Get better soon!!

    2. Matt M.

      Matt M.

      Yeah it does but oh well

  10. Tower Ladder Co. 1 is getting her famous green stripes today. A picture is uploaded in the gallery.

  11. Well the specs are completed for the new tower ladder. I went with........Pierce. We have chosen the Arrow XT chassis for this tower. If everything goes right and the pierce does its job, there might be another order placed to have a second tower ladder built later this year early next year.

  12. The trailer part of Ladder Co. 3 is about 40% complete at this time. I am hoping to have it completed within the next week or so. Also plans for the new Tower Ladder Co. 1 are coming along nicely.

  13. The tractor for Ladder Co. 3 is completed. Pics to be posted today and yes it has the same light bar as both utility companies.

  14. Pics of what I have completed so far with the tractor of the tiller. It's turning out better than I thought it would.

    1. Matt M.

      Matt M.

      Check out the picture in Ladder Co. 3 in the showcase

  15. Started to sort of the pieces for ladder co.3 tonight. Hopefully tomorrow and can have the chassis started for the tractor and have it done. Then onto the trailer itself.

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