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  1. Happy Birthday R-J FD!

  2. Happy Birthday R-J FD!

  3. Need two more ladders for Riverwoods...have hit a mental block. Open to suggestions, sticks, not platforms. Have enough platforms.

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    2. Zak O.

      Zak O.

      A Pirsch wouldn't be a bad choice either.

    3. Christian C.

      Christian C.

      I second the Simon-Duplex/LTI

    4. MattJ138


      Low Pro Seagrave like FDNY's old Ladder 49. Or a new E-One Metro 100

  4. Trying to decide on a snorkel length for Riverwoods reserve ladder...do I go small like squad length 55' or all out and 85'??

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    2. WildFireMedic


      85... You don't truly get that whole 85 feet regardless... but a 55 footer won't get you very close... I've worked with both...

    3. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      How about a 85 and a half?.

    4. MattJ138


      Someone has already said one of my favorite mottos, go big or go home!

  5. Happy Birthday River County Fire!

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