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    low boy


    That is a step deck not a low boy. Step deck has, well that step in the deck to get the majority of it lower, a lowboy is lower then the wheels and the load is loaded by removing the hitch portion. Nice setup regardless though


  1. 13 hours ago, Rylie Davis said:

    Great rig. Even though I'm not a fan of mega pucs this one looks good

    I wanted to do something huge, and I did that for the length but failed on the height lol

  2. 19 hours ago, Josh said:

    Didn't see this picture until now. I really like this rig, just a little short(height-wise). It looks amazing.

    Thanks, the top half really didn't turn out how I pictured haha. It's mostly build out of the old Squad 3. Can't upload the vid but I put my old lifelites in it

  3. 1 hour ago, Michael P said:

    This is the reason why I moved to functional compartments. Helps raise the rig, but now, 6 wide is a bit too narrow. Having a 7-wide body may help. Also, the Velocity cab doesn’t help to decrease OAL 😂 …. But then again, I do have the Quantum PUC rescue, so who am I kidding? 

    btw, nice rig ✌🏻

    I'm sure it does, I could have easily added a plate or two in height but I realized it was too low too late and didn't feel like changing it. Also made the wheels go farther up into the rig then usual which didn't help. lol yeah I'm not really liking the look of the cab so I might change it idk. I think the biggest problem is the height, the length is ok its just disproportionate.

    Thank you!

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