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  1. image_123817.thumb.jpg.6f18623a566a973064dc0dfdafc6403a.jpg

    Some people would hate me like none other for daring to do this to even a model truck, but I did a little experimenting with a slammed dually today 🤮Awful I know, but as hideous as slamming is, it's done right with the inside of the bed cut up to clear the wheels and closed back off with a half cylinder of styrene. Somehow, for how much I hate these two things myself, I managed to not only slam, but also slight SQUAT it at the same time 🤢 Never fear, this is not a finished product, I don't have all the pieces to the casting any more (which is probably a good thing) so it's just a little project to test stuff out. It has a scratch built frame, which drags slightly on the ground despite being sanded down to about 2/3 it original thickness, and it rolls easily forwards, but for some reason I can't figure out it can't roll backwards. I didn't have any suitable dually wheels, so it's got some GL steam rollers with could pass as super singles I guess. 

    Anyways, over to the more pleasant side of the photo, the monster. I've been working on this for several weeks now; it was originally just going to be a nice lifted trail truck, but it got a little out of hand and got lifted about 3 times as much as planned, so the result is this; fully detailed monster/mud truck suspension with tie rods, crossover steering, diffs, driveshafts, traction bars galore (which actually do they're job of keeping rigidity at the rear axle, without them it flops all over), coil springs, shocks, etc, but here's the catch; it's all functional. The coil springs allow about enough flex to tackle a bit more then a GL steam roller, which considering the detail is pretty good. The shocks, which are a piece of wire inside a styrene tube, are functional, and all the other details are only glued to the axle and not the base, allowing them to flex. The mega traction bars are glued only to the axle like everything else, but held in place with styrene discreetly out of view, and have just the right amount of looseness to flex with the axle, but also keep the axle from flopping forward or backwards. It was really complicated to work out, but towards the end things started to come together and so far it's been really sturdy. Got a few changes to make before it gets the final finish coats, but it's really close.

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  2. I’m so happy! Just found out GL is working on a 5th gen Ram!!! Super excited and j can’t wait to get it, although the I’m guessing it will be close to a year seeing as Dually Drivers Series 6 and 7 haven’t hit stores yet, and we don’t even know for sure that it’ll be in Series 8, nor do we have pics yet. There are also strong rumors that GL is making a first gen Ram, so I’m super excited about that too of course! Here the link to the GL catalog: http://online.anyflip.com/dfqk/erck/mobile/index.html



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  3. 4 hours ago, Rescue 423 said:

    I will not do anything sport-like (that includes March madness). the person below me prefers state police to municipal police 

    Not really sure... both have their place and their purpose and are designed to work together I guess, I'm far from a law enforcement expert though.

    The person below me usually skimps on eating on Sundays.

  4. This thread is starting to die, so I guess I'll answer my own question 😂

    True and false, they're built for families and that's what they're best for, the sliding doors and layout are practical for kids and everything, but if I personally was going to drive one or the other, it would be an SUV because, well, I'm not a family I guess 😂😂😂

    The person below me doesn't keep track of sports, but will probably watch several of the March Madness basketball games.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Rylie Davis said:

    I got a few greenlights today from my grandma since my birthday is on Tuesday. They are pretty sweet


    Those are some good lookers! The Route Runners cans are huge peg warmers in all my Meijers and my hobby Lobby, but that USPS van usually goes pretty quick.

    I got my first Auto Worlds the other day, gonna return one (I found one for cheaper after I had already bought one) but I can't decide which 🤔$10 for the red one or $5 for the grey one which has a paint scratch, I like red better but not sure it's worth the double price. Also got a bunch of raw materials, tools, and I set up this peg board for packaged stuff.


    I have 4 new things coming in the mail hopefully tomorrow, an Ertl Dodge 2nd gen (they're rare and go for at least $50 a piece) which I nabbed on ebay for $15 shipped after watching the market for a couple weeks, a GL Pacer and a couple of an older Matchbox Chevy casting. 

    A while ago I picked up this GL Down on the Farm IH tractor (although they slacked on licensing so it's listed generically), lesson learned: DON'T BUY GREENLIGHT TRACTORS! A sorry model all around, especially when you consider how detailed their cars and trucks are. The loader only has one function, the front wheels don't spin, the dual rear wheels stick out too far, the bucket is way too huge, the grille isn't textured, the list goes on. The little Ford N tractors I would buy again, because for something that small I can forgive non functional front wheels, but other then that, no more GL tractors for me.



    I forget what I've posted here, but I don't think you guys have seen this before either. Chevy 3500 crane truck I bought for one of the wheels, so after these pics I threw some chrome Chevy dually wheels on it and it looks better then before. 


    My first M2 from a couple weeks ago, I've wanted one of these old M2 Fords for a while, and while the colors and grille aren't my fave, it was on sale for $7 and I couldn't turn it down with the included diecast lift, extra wheels, and extra motor. Door fitment was good for an M2. And I got this Ram 3500 decked out in Mopar tampos which I bought for the wheels, I love it! I have plans to lift it a bunch and get it sitting on some new mud wheels, and I'm trying to figure out how to do working suspension. I've got a thing or two in the mail for it.


    As you can see in this pic, I cracked the lifted white GL Silverado and added the drivetrain, steering, exhaust, fuel pump, etc, so now it just needs paint (any color ideas?).... and wheels, kinda. I want to use the wheels that came with it, but one is deformed as seen below, and the only way to get ahold of GL is to call apparently, and I haven't gotten around to doing that yet. So right now it's sitting on stock 2020 Ram wheels with a miserable lack of backspacing.




  6. On 3/9/2021 at 7:19 AM, Josh said:

    Highly recommend evan Designs LEDs, all sorts of different voltages to choose from and options. If you need help, shoot me a dm!

    Still playing around with ideas for the lifted 2500, but I did take your advice and bought some stuff for a simple LED headlight setup on a commission build.  These things are crazy cheap! To think I spent $50 for 2 LifeLites junior sets when I could have lit the whole rig for that price 🤦‍♂️


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  7. I saw this Fire & Rescue series list on a diecast forum. Rumor has it the LA Ram will be one of their squads, which seems logical to me, and if so I will definitely grab that one up! And the Custom Deluxe sounds like one of those classic small town pickups with a skid unit in the bed, needless to say it sounds amazing!  

    • 1986 Chevrolet C20 Custom Deluxe with Fire Equipment, Hose and Tank - Lawrenceburg, Indiana Fire Department First Attack Unit
    • 1992 Ford F-350 - East Brookfield, Massachusetts Forestry
    • 1987 Chevrolet M1008 4x4 - Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota Fire Department
    • 1990 Jeep Cherokee - Reno, Nevada Fire Department
    • 2017 Ram 3500 Dually - Los Angeles County Fire Department
    • 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility - Chicago, Illinois Fire Department Battalion Chief

    And here we have a new military series, I like the sound of a camo squarebody but other then that not much appeals. I do wonder if the tanks will be true 1:64 or maybe they'll cheat and go with 1:72?

    Battalion 64
    1941 Sherman Tank US Army WW II
    1952 M4 Sherman Tank US Army Korea
    1970 Jeep DJ-5 US Army
    1943 Willys Jeep Follow Me US Army
    1984 Chevrolet M1008 CUCV camoflage with cargo cover
    1987 Chevrolet M1008 CUCV Desert camoflage with troop seats

    New Great Outdoors series, I don't foresee the squarebody being anything particularly unique, but it's very interesting that they're releasing a Bronco so soon! Seeing as it has a rooftop tent, I'm guessing it will be a 4 door. Should be a pretty cool casting!

    1964 Volkswagen Bus with camp'otel cartop sleeper tent
    1969 Plymouth Station Wagon with camp'otel cartop sleeper tent
    1984 GMC Sierra Classic with modern truck bed tent
    2020 Jeep Gladiator with modern truck bed tent
    2021 Chevrolet Tahoe ZL1 with modern rooftop tent
    2021 Ford Bronco Sport with modern rooftop tent.

    I'm disappointed to not see any 5th gen Rams (or 2nd gens for that matter, but that's probably asking too much), how come they've been around for 2 years now and we don't get one, but we already get a new Bronco? So far I've been very unimpressed by the 3d printed 5th gens available, both the shaping and price. That said though, I have yet to hear anything about Dually Drivers Series 6, so maybe we'll see something new there! Fingers crossed on a 5th gen flatbed 🤞


  8. 6 hours ago, Josh said:

    Highly recommend evan Designs LEDs, all sorts of different voltages to choose from and options. If you need help, shoot me a dm!

    I dissected an old broken RC car for the switch, so between that and some resistors and LEDs I have laying around, I’ll be able to make a simple 2 LED setup. Thanks for the suggestions!



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  9. 4 hours ago, Josh said:

    LEDs? I've been summoned! lifelights? if you wanted to do this permanently, you could get 2 nano LEDs and a 3v battery with switch from evan designs. It would all fit inside I think.

    Not life lights, it’s just an LED hooked straight to a coin battery atm to test stuff out. Speaking of lifelites though, I fried one of those by hooking it straight up to a 9v battery 😂 shows what I know about such things. The goal is actually to get two LEDs through the base as underglow on this truck, because right now you can only see the suspension color with flash on. I’ll have a look at evans stuff, I may be able to rig something super basic up out of what I have though.


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  10. Now how did this happen? LEDs in a diecast? There must be some mistake.... maybe the other @Josh accidentally got on my account and posted this pic? 😂😂😂 apologies for the terrible pic, it’s a nightmare getting these things to stay lined up. 


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  11. Scratch the Greenlight wheels, everybody buy these hot wheels premium Ford raptor wheels! Best ever!




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  12. 2 Ertl 4th gens that are going to be one soon......question is, should it be a mega cab or a single cab? 🤔



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  13. Copy and pasted from other forums

    Today I completed my first custom, a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 with a scratch built 5" suspension lift on 16" 2016 Ram wheels and 33" Cooper Discoverys. The casting is a Johnny Lighting Dodge Ram VTS. The combo of the single cab and short bed is sometimes referred to as "shorty"; not my ideal choice, but I got it for a few dollars at auction, and that seems like a better choice then spending $35 on an Ertl single cab long bed (although if anyone can sell me one for $20 shipped, let me know!). This one had bent 'glass', so I broke the front windshield off, tinted it with 5% tint film (I used some leftover scraps from my IRL truck), and glued it in place, then stopped up the rear and side windows with tint film over black paper. Scratch built front and rear traction bars, differentials, and driveshafts took care of the underside, with a matt black paint job to simulate a rubberized undercoat. Then stock 4th gen Ram wheels in black (from a GL wheel and tire pack) added the finishing touch. Due to the very narrow space between the wheels, I was not able to add steering details, and because the casting was designed for dual rear exhaust, I did not add an exhaust pipe.


    Excuse the misaligned tailgate, it has since been fixed. 



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  14. 1 hour ago, Josh said:

    Is that black dodge pickup the one your building? It looks really good so far!

    It’s one of them, but not the one I’ve been posting updates on. I have 3 builds going right now

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  15. Ummm.... idk bout you guys, but I’m DIGGING this look so far 👀 Not done yet but I can’t believe how sweet it’s turning out.



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