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  1. 4 hours ago, Rylie Davis said:

    I saw that and I know ill never find them since walmart is a bit bad at stocking 

    You’ll find the pegwarmers, but, but unless you go about every other day right when they open, you won’t find much good unless your lucky. I don’t even know if they’re going to be carrying series like dually drivers and HD trucks yet

  2. Another cool story! One question, you said “The paramedic could calm the girl a little when I stuffed myself next to them, and I just started making small talk while I used the torch to look at the girls legs and hips to see how she was pinned.” Do you mean a flashlight? (I understand they call them torches in some places)

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  3. 2 hours ago, Josh said:

    Awesome! if you ever need some help with custom light setups, don't hesitate to reach out! I am currently working on two more custom programmed/wired systems, one for Ambulance 1-4 and one for Rescue 115...they are gonna be *lit* 😂

    Lol, if I do emergency/flashing lights and such I may do that, thanks for the offer!

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  4. 3 hours ago, Josh said:

    Did someone say working headlights? 😂

    Love seeing all the progress! Any plans on a fire department for your diecast crew?

    At $100 a pop at least for Code 3s, no FD. GL is coming out with a fire series, but so far seems to be only trucks with skid units and recolored cars. I’ll get the brush trucks but that’s about it. That said, eventually I want to scratch build a skeeter brush truck body for a Ram.

    Dude, I’m building the sweetest truck for this guy on IG. Cherry red chevy on forces, all color matched and black, with the complete lighting package of working headlights and 6 underglow LEDs, as well as a scratch built 6.6l duramax. It’s gonna be so fun to build, I can’t wait to see all the lights. 

    I’m also building 2 trucks just to sell, although no ones commissioned me on them. One’s a Ram and the other is similar to the aforementioned cherry duramax, I like the idea so much I wanna make 2 lol. Both of those will be getting working headlights, so that’ll make 4 plus the one I already have. I’m super excited!

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  5. Some very nice grabs! You might look into Hot Wheels Premium, they're $5 a piece and usually reuse mainline castings, but with different, more detailed paint jobs, metal/metal (which means metal body and metal base), and Real Riders, which is what Hot Wheels calls their rubber tires. They mostly have about a half dozen wheels they reuse throughout the models, so the wheels are far from accurate like GL, but they are nice. I use the 8-hole off road wheels a ton in customs, they double as both super singles and dually wheels thanks to the offset. Not as good value as GL in my opinion, buy you might find something you like.

    Speaking of value, have you found any place that carries Auto World around you? They're not quite as good as GL, usually with tamped on headlights and taillights as opposed to the separate piece clear plastic ones GL generally uses, that means less quality issues. They're, in my opinion, the best bang for your buck, but since they are a smaller company and only a few places carry them, they don't make a big variety and they're hard to find, so that's why I pretty much only get GL. At Hobby Lobby they're $10 a piece, but usually $5 elsewhere.

    Any ways, like I said you got some very nice grabs! Even though I don't buy police models, that 2020 explorer casting is really good looking; I like it more then the real one! Does it have separate piece transparent plastic headlights and taillights or not? Running on Empty is a really nice series, like the Mecum Auctions and Vintage Ads series it's kind of misc category for models they don't know where to put.

    Among other news, did you hear GL has both 1st and 5th gen Ram castings in the works? In the 2021 Catalog, on the new castings page they listed the heavy duty 5th gens, both dually and non dually variants, but no pics and not other word. Doesn't look like a 1500 casting is in the near future. And the 1st gen was not listed in the catalog, but 8 variants are listed on the Outback Toys site (www.outbacktoys.com, a great place to buy diecast, the more you buy the more you make the $10 shipping worth it and the more you save); 2 color combos each of a normal one (although no body style info yet, I'm hoping for single cab long bed, because that's the easiest configuration to do custom bodywork off of), a lifted version (really interested in what wheels will be used for this, fingers crossed for some new super single Havok style off road ones), a pulling truck, and a FLATBED! Super excited for the flatbed to say the least! The flatbed will be black on one and aluminum on the other, I wonder which of they're two flatbed castings they have will they use? Maybe even a new one, that would be cool! I also hope that they do some more pulling stuff, like pulling tractors, a pulling sled, and replicas of real life pulling trucks, with stacks, decos, and of course weights. The flatbed casting from the Dually Drivers Series 1 rare white/black Ram is also seeing some use too, in an ugly scheme plasters with pink tampos, but with a new paint job it will be a much cheaper way to get that casting.

    You can read the full 2021 Greenlight catalog here: 2021 GreenLight Catalog-GreenLight Collectibles Flip PDF | AnyFlip Some other new castings include several Bronco variants, squarebody brush trucks (which unfortunately aren't lifted), and several old S-10 variants. With Johnny Lightnings concept Ranger also in the works, all we need is a Dakota to round off the mid sized pickup market from that time frame!

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  6. 6 minutes ago, Josh said:

    they are just double the fun!

    Meh, that’s a matter of opinion 😜 honestly I’m realizing Lego really isn’t the medium for me. I have more fun building models and using creativity to turn everyday household items into little details and functions. I just feel like there are so many more opportunities in the modeling hobby, and it’s also a lot easier to sell a model here and there to keep the budget balanced. I still enjoy Lego of course, but models just feel like my niche. 

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