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  1. Joshua B

    Completed Customs
    It’s been a while since I posted an update here... so I’ll compile the latest. For those who don’t know, I now have an Instagram account for this: @bignboostedcustomtrucks
    GMC squarebody, with a 6.6l duramax scratch built by me

    ‘18 Nissan Titan, not something I would normally get, but it came in a set with a gooseneck I got for cheap so it was kinda a freebie the way I look at it. The wheels are a bit small, but I built it into a SEMA truck. It will be for sale on my insta once I put in some working LED headlights. 


    ‘69 F-100, this is a favorite for sure. A blast to photograph!

    As seen in the above pics, I’ve been busy making some displays and such. I got a static grass kit and it has been so much fun! It uses colored fibers and static electricity to create to-scale, amazingly realistic grass. So fun and so easy! This is a junkyard I built. It’s not done yet, but most of what you can see here was done in less then 2 days.

    In some of those pics you can see a little road I made for pictures, it’s about 7 inches wide by 2 feet long, with a shoulder on one side and ditch on the other. It’s modeled after any old backroad you drive along anywhere in practically any country. I was able to add some rough spots and pot holes to it as you can see in some of the pics of the trucks. When properly lined up with outdoor scenery, it makes for good photos. It’s plenty long enough for pics of goosenecks, roller shots/vids, lining up multiple trucks, pretty much anything.
    Not that anybody cares, but I got everything I wanted from Dually Drivers series 6. I got another one of the stake beds, but I already took it apart. The two Chevys I bought for commission builds, just for the mirrors. Kind of a shame to junk a model just for the mirrors, but what can I say, I get paid to do it 😂 I expect before series 7 is stocked I’ll have gotten the other 2 in this series, but it’s unusual for me to have this much of a series together in the packages at one time, so I took some pics.

    I have 6 dually drivers on my overflowing pegs now, with the 2 series 5 flatbeds (it’s hard to tell, but the other one is behind the one you see on the same peg) I recently got my first 2 Autoworlds, both lifted step side squarebodys, one of which you can see hanging there. I had 3 of those vintage ads red GMC squarebodys (they popped up a few times in store), but 2 are out of the package and stripped for a new project. Btw, that ugly Tomica car is not for me, I’m gathering up some cars off someone’s list to send to them.

  2. Joshua B

    New Grabs
    And we have our first picture of a 5th gen (2019 & newer) Ram in diecast, 1/64 scale form! That I am aware of, only Greenlight and Ertl have announced 5th gens, with Greenlights still being under wraps: here's what we do know about that one though, taken from the 2021 catalog.

    Back to Ertls version, I'm pleased to see more accurate body lines and overall details then the previous 3 generations of Rams Ertl has offered; so far each one has gotten better, and that's continued here. Notice the accuracy of the curved back of the cab, with the bed shape to match. This is also the first dually Ram Ertl has made, and sports an all new set of wheels, although they unfortunately appear to reuse the near treadless tires from the Ford dually Ertl makes. It will be released in this beautiful navy blue, as well as a plain white, with possible other colors to come in the future. The front end is perfection judging by this pic, with an extremely detailed grille (for Ertl anyways) and accurate shaping of the bumper. To top it off, there is some excellent tamps going on here, with the detailed hood badge as well as door lettering. Painted clearance lights and the black antenna are new for this gen too. From what I can see around the dually fender, there is a fine set of tamped taillights back there. Here's to hoping they don't go too obnoxious with the bumper pull hitch  As you can tell, I'm extremely excited for this! Should it hit stores before GLs version, I wonder if the front clip could be grafted onto a 4th gen Greenlight Ram to open up normal bed variations and a bit more detail.

    Enough talk, feast your eyes on this!

  3. Joshua B
    First of all, please fill out the above poll. I'm beginning to think EB is not the place for diecast; it is a Lego Emergency site after all, but if there's a lot of interest I can keep posting. Otherwise, I can be found on www.diecastgarage.org under the alias of DieCastDodges.
    I've been working on a couple of simple scenes that are designed purely for photography purposes, and they also give me some experience with diorama making before I start on the two large ones I have planned. This one is the first, and is very simple: wire screen fence with styrene posts and a rather fake and unrealistic looking tree (I should probably add leaves and stuff to it I guess), placed on a small piece of grass mat glued to some foam core. When properly aligned with 1:1 landscape, it works pretty well. I'm working on a larger parking lot one, as well as something similar to this one, but wider, and I plan on including some fallen logs and a gravel or dirt road. I also added some watermarks for the first time, what do you think? Can the IG photo-stealing experts tell me if these will work? 🤪
    At the end of the fence, behind the tree, I twisted the screen up as though at some time a log might have fallen across it. Also because I didn't feel like gluing the screen to the last few posts 😂It's amazingly hard to get the glue to set the screen for some reason!

    Here are some photos I took of a couple custom Chevys

    This one is the worst of the bunch. Instead of making the colors pop, it ended up too dark and also washed out at the same time, not to mention bringing out all the imperfections.

    As always, thank you for looking and tell me what you think!
  4. Joshua B

    Completed Customs
    I recently happened to look through the Matchbox pegs at Meijer, and discovered matchbox makes some pretty nice models for cheap. This Moving Parts 2016 Camaro caught my eye; detailed motor, opening hood, great color, good tampos, close to scale, all for $2! I’ll be picking up another one of these, and that is very rare for me to buy 2 of the same model.

    It’s appearance isn’t exactly fit to mingle with my GLs though, so I made a few simple changes to add a sportier look. The flat grey of the interior and base really doesn’t look mean, and the wheels? Who though gold was a good idea? So I sprayed the base and interior a nice glossy black, and put some very nice black GL wheels on it, from a Dodge wheel and tire pack (it’s worth buying multiples of that pack just for that set of wheels!), which involved drilling out a bigger hole in the base. Put it back together and it looks 5 times as good! Now I have a slightly under scaled AutoWorld for $2 and some wheels 👍

    Thanks for looking, and tell me what you think! Any ideas for improvements and added details?
  5. Joshua B

    Completed Customs
    This 1977 Chevrolet C-3500 with a 4” lift setting on six 18” polished Alcoas and 35s was completed today. Crossover steering, 4” straight pipe to 6” tip, detailed scratch built drive train, gooseneck ball, clearance lights, 2016 style tow mirrors, and an Alcoa spare are among the details added. It’s a GL Kings of Crunch cab paired with a GL aluminum flatbed, and uses 2 sets of HW premium wheels which double nicely as polished Alcoa dually wheels and super singles after a couple coats of metallic chrome spray paint. This was actually my first started custom, but because of various delays it was only now completed. It’s by far my personal favorite of what I’ve built so far. This ones a little pic heavy, I was having great fun playing with different angles and this is only half of what I took.

    This is my favorite pic of it. It’s what truck guys call a “roller”, taken from a camera moving at the same rate as the truck, which causes the wheels and background to be blurred but the truck stays in focus. I did it by taking a video of me pulling the the truck backwards by the trailer and moving the camera roughly at the same pace with the other hand, then pausing the video at a spot where the truck is in proper focus and taking a screen shot, and then cropping the edges of the screenshot as well as my hand out. It can also be done with a tiny piece of wire around the trailer hitch.

    I love this 70s rig! The ‘77 square body with the ‘78 Pacer really go well together.

    Thanks for looking and let me know what you think, especially suggestions for improvements!
  6. Joshua B

    Completed Customs
    I made a few changes to this GL Ram 3500 to set it up as towing rig; wheel swap, added tow hooks under the front bumper, 4” straight pipe to a 6” tip (because it’s not lifted there’s not a lot of room down there, so I only did the end of it), cut the peg off a GL gooseneck hitch and replaced it with a ball and then glued the hitch to the bed, and replaced a broken tow mirror. Thought about adding a couple of CB antennas, but I don’t think that would fit in too well. Now if only I could get some 3D printed tow mirrors that are flipped up for less then $20.... 🙄

  7. Joshua B

    Completed Customs
    New completed truck! I put this totally unplanned build together last night out of spare parts, but it quickly turned into a favorite! 1971 Chevrolet Cheyenne with added roll bar, clearance lights, CB antennas, 2016 style tow mirrors, and a wheel swap. Roll bar is from a GL Kings of Crunch monster truck, wheels are steel work wheels out of a GL Ram wheel and tire pack, clearance lights are bought off ebay, and tow mirrors are off a Dually Drivers 2016 Chevy. CB antennas are just a chrome piece of wire.



    And in case anybody cares, here are a few new grabs. I keep bringing home more diecast every time I go somewhere, I'm turning into way too much of a collector for my budget lol! A Dually Drivers Series 4 Ram 3500 I'll probably end up scrapping for parts, and a customizable M2 '69 Ford I got on sale for $7, even come with a lift! This is my first M2 (for those who don't know, M2 is notorious for terrible quality issues, especially with the moving doors and hood having bad fitment), and while I haven't opened it yet, the door fitment is very good on the side I can see and according to my shake tests nothing is loose. Not quite the one I had in mind, but I've wanted one of these old M2 Ford pickups for a while now.

  8. Joshua B

    New Grabs
    Here’s a couple new things that came in the mail. I ordered another flatbed but the guy got his inventory wrong, so I substituted it for the lifted 1500. I love this flatbed casting! The 1500 will get some offset and suspension details, but that’s about it. Looks pretty good already.

    The 2500 and square are headed off for some new wheels! This is actually the setup I had in mind for the flatbed while building it; simple work truck with stock dually wheels, just enough lift for the flatbed to work. But once I tried the Raptor wheels on it, it’s definitely gonna need a set 👀 cab lights are otw, and I’m debating between 2015 Chevy tow mirrors or 3D printed squarebody tow mirrors... I think with these wheels setup the 2015s may be the way to go, and I already have a set so 🤷‍♂️


  9. Joshua B

    Some new diorama buildings are taking shape! The house is a kinda big for a 2 story, we’lol see how my turns out though 🤔 The barn/shop is not sided yet, the paper on it is the light insulating paper that goes under the corrugated meral siding, and I pretty much only did it so I could have the suppliers logo on the inside 🤪 I picked Lowe’s just cause it’s a widely known one. The small garage is done except for the front siding, however it did not end up getting included in my dio plans.

    Speaking of a dio, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but planning and pricing is underway on a new farm layout. I forget the exact dimensions, but roughly 3x4, with fluctuating terrain made of plaster cloth, and grass made of static grass and flock. It will be a cattle and hay farm. I’ll post more on that when I’ve made more progress.
    Aaaaand the 2500 got the first coat of paint on the chassis! Ignore the paint splattered on the exhaust, I’ll fix that later. The black and blue go great together!


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