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  1. Great work as always, welcome back!
  2. Joshua B


    Probaby monster stunt trucks to promote the FD 🤷‍♂️😂
  3. Joshua B


    Thats uh, a little monstrous there lol
  4. Joshua B

    7 wide tiller

    From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    Started this over a year ago I think, never added the aerial and left some other stuff unfinished, so finally ordered the parts and got it something close to done. Missing pieces here and there, pics are cheesy, but you get the idea lol. Wanted to do a PUC tiller and also wanted to do a Spartan too, so here we have an unrealistic combination of the 2 🤨 also threw some Evan designs headlights in. I’ll keep probably keep changing stuff around, might do some real waterslide decals, but I may as well give this place a little activity 🤣
  5. Joshua B

    low boy

    That is a step deck not a low boy. Step deck has, well that step in the deck to get the majority of it lower, a lowboy is lower then the wheels and the load is loaded by removing the hitch portion. Nice setup regardless though
  6. Joshua B

    HBFD T-506

    Awesome truck! Glad to see your still building
  7. Made a brick link order for the first time in like a year and a half 😂 finally finishing the ole 7 wide Spartan 


  8. Joshua B

    Sarcity E901

    Excellent truck!
  9. Joshua B

    A mere test…

    From the album: Algonquin Fire Department

    …featuring my new 379 😏
  10. Joshua B

    Welding Rig

    From the album: City of Algonquin

    Got to playing around with my layout and needed a welding rig, so I whipped one up quick using @ Michael P 4th gen cab. For those who don’t know, a welding rig is essentially everything a welder could need on a truck.
  11. Joshua B

    Welding Rig

    From the album: City of Algonquin

  12. Joshua B

    Welding Rig

    From the album: City of Algonquin

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