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  1. Certainly stand out in those colors, lol! I like that tank
  2. Joshua B

    PUC Rescue

    I wanted to do something huge, and I did that for the length but failed on the height lol
  3. Thanks, the top half really didn't turn out how I pictured haha. It's mostly build out of the old Squad 3. Can't upload the vid but I put my old lifelites in it
  4. Tie between this and the orange and blue striped
  5. Joshua B

    PUC Rescue

    I'm sure it does, I could have easily added a plate or two in height but I realized it was too low too late and didn't feel like changing it. Also made the wheels go farther up into the rig then usual which didn't help. lol yeah I'm not really liking the look of the cab so I might change it idk. I think the biggest problem is the height, the length is ok its just disproportionate. Thank you!
  6. The Ns are worth the price and more for sure, and most the other ones are too when you compare to Ertl mid range models, but they’re still pretty shabby and not worth buying
  7. What changed 🤷‍♂️
  8. Miserable attempts they are. Only ones I like are the Ns

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