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    Endurance sports, racing mountain bikes, being a dad, my career, and building cool things with Lego's.

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  1. Been awhile...thought I would stop by. So what is new around here?

    1. Dakota


      Welcome, always a pleasure. 

      We have updated to a new version of the software so updates to user's posts, topics, comments, etc are now live and seen cross-window. 

      Downloads are restored so we once again have the largest single collection of Emergency Themed LDD files :)

      Content is now served via AmazonS3 meaning more space and less constrictions on users. 

      And more!

  2. American LaFrance has seen better days. Sad for a company with deep rich history. Much like the when the Pontiac brand was axed.

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    2. ID-1


      I would really like someone to buy LTI from them. I don't know why Spartan didn't jump at the opportunity when they had the chance.

    3. Dakota


      Best truck I ever drove was a LaFrance, had its share of issues but it was the best ride and drove like a car.

    4. Lebby


      +1 McNeil

      +1 Brammer

  3. 3 new photo's added to the Brickyard Apparatus photo. Delivery to the Metro Tami FD. See Brickyard Apparatus for more details!

    1. M. Galligano

      M. Galligano

      Ready for that ambulance? I may have a couple other jobs as well.

  4. Finally complete! The website to my Lego Stony Creek Fire Department! http://stonycreekfd.weebly.com/

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    2. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      ^Lego has made grey ladders for the longest time.. they just released the new one in grey to!

    3. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      ^Lego has made grey ladders for the longest time.. they just released the new one in grey to!

    4. Karl E

      Karl E

      Thanks. Yes, the light blueish grey ladder came out in 2006. Scoped up a bunch off Bricklink a while back.

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    2. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Second one cool. Will it be made public?.

    3. Karl E

      Karl E

      When completed, yes.

    4. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      ill look forward to seeing it.

  5. Upon the topic if we have reached the pinnacle of the 6 wide. I looked at my fleet and decided it was time to make some chances. Changes to my details and enhancing my style of building. Soon to come!

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