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  1. Abeed Malik

    2019 Update

    Any chance for a native dark mode? I use a chrome extension but it REAAALLLYYY slows things down. Also anyway to view the gallery as a "collective?" In other words view all images uploaded chronologically, disregarding albums and sorting. Basically a much longer "NEW CREATIONS" section but like probably not on the homepage for practical/design reasons. Maybe a "see more" on the top right hand corner of that box.
  2. That moment when you JUST find out American LaFrance has been out'ta business for like a year

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    2. ~JD~


      Any ALFs pretty much bought after 04 are junk and the ones bought before 04 are showing their age. Parts and repair costs have skyrocketed because the department's have to go to third party providers to fix the rigs. A lot of departments try to save costs by canablizing old rigs to keep others on the street. A neighboring FD just pushed for a big order to pierce to get all their ALFs out of the fleet entirely, including reserves because of cost and maintenance issues.

    3. Dakota


      We had an ALF, the department opted to remount it through E-One. So we sent the engine to E-One, they refurbed the pump and engine and chassis I believe and essentially turned it into a brand new E-One. Ever since then the problems went away.

      Shame about ALF though, that truck was the smoothest thing I've ever driven. It drove more like a car than a overweight truck. 

    4. Abeed Malik

      Abeed Malik

      *** yeah I heard some shizz around in my county that OC is super LOW KEY trying to get the TDA ALFs out the door. No reasons but probably because they're nearing their 10 year service standard in the organization, and like high key probably because of maintenance. 

      I low key think they honestly think the bid they dish out'll probably be won by Pierce since LA gave the winning bid to Pierce for their new TDAs.

  3. Happy Birthday Abeed Malik!

  4. Happy Birthday Abeed Malik!

  5. Happy Birthday Abeed Malik!