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  1. Happy Birthday TacticalRooster22!

  2. I am back! After a computer virus that wiped my hard drive, I have returned. Luckily, the LDD files have survived!

    1. T.J. Brammer

      T.J. Brammer

      That is good that the LDD files survived.

    2. ID-1


      You need https://db.tt/Iucecfgt After I bought a shitty Toshiba a few years ago, the HDD failed and wiped me clean. Luckily I had Dropbox. All the important files were waiting for me in the cloud.

    3. TacticalRooster22


      Oh yeah, Dropbox! I know about that. All of my documents survived, so my mods for GTA IV, LDD files, and all my music/pictures survived. Just gotta reinstall games, but I needed to go through my hard drive anyway...

  3. So we got about 10" of snow in these past few days. Last night, the whole county was shut down due to the blowing and drifting, and nobody was allowed on the roads. Today, the snow is over, but history is being made with the high temp being -13 and wind chills anywhere from -30 to -45.

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    2. TacticalRooster22


      Agreed! I'd love the 90's right now haha. I also got school called off for tomorrow (which is awesome), but at noon today it was -14; in Alaska it was -4.

    3. Michael Morrison

      Michael Morrison

      It's even warmer in Antarctica than it is in Cleveland. The temp without windchill in Antarctica right now is around 30.

    4. TacticalRooster22


      See, that is NOT alright. Things are starting to warm up, it's 5 here, but still a -20 windchill.

  4. Need some ideas for a new ladder...quint, but doesn't have to be a 75'.

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    2. TacticalRooster22


      I've never done a Spartan...maybe I will...

    3. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      KME 79' quint then!

    4. TacticalRooster22


      Hmm...never thought of that...

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