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  1. Rescue 423

    Brickston Brush Fire

    Thanks! the whole incident was inspired by the latest South Metro Fire rescue Video
  2. Incident Report is know out, check it out below: 

    Thanks again to Algonquin Fire department, Plum Beach Fire Rescue, And Peterville Fire Department for Mutual Aid. 

  3. Rescue 423

    Brickston Brush Fire

    5:12 PM 7/4/2020 Lego City Fire Brigade was dispatched to what is know known as the Brickston Brush Fire. The call was for a small brush fire that had been sighted by a motorist on the A1 (highway). Engine 5, Engine 3, Battalion 1, Battalion 2, Utility 3, and LCPF all responded to the fire. It was a lot larger than initially reported, it had spread quite far south, and continued spreading until LCFB Utility 3 started wetting the dry grassland that the fire was using as fuel. Engine 3 began setting up a hard suction water supply line and Engine 5 began fighting the fire from the west. Unfortunately the fire kept spreading and the LCFB was overwhelmed. Engine 5 had to retreat back to the A1 (highway) because of how much fire it faced. The current incident commander (Battalion 1) then put out the request for Mutual Aid. The request was answered in a matter of minutes by Algonquin Fire Department. AFD Brush 3 followed by Reserve Brush 2 and Reserve Wildland 2 started an offensive attack on the fire along with LCFB Engine 5. and they managed to clear out a large chunk of the south-west area of the brush fire. next arrived AFD Tanker 2 and Tanker 5, who set up a portable water tank, which helped supply the fire attack with water. AFD Engine 5 and Engine 6 covered LCFB Station 5 and station 3. Station 5 got a medical call, and AFD Engine 5 responded with LCFB Medic 5. The call was for a fall victim. Due to a wind change (from light southern wind to heavy south-eastern wind) the small residentail community of South Brickston was in danger. LCPF quickly evacuated the community whilst LCFB put out another call for Mutual Aid. This was answered by Algonquin Fire Department, Peterville Volunteer Fire Department, and Plum Beach Fire Rescue. Peterville Volunteer Fire Department sent Brush 1, which was used for a small fire attack pushing the fire away from the residential community. Algonquin Fire Department sent Engine 4, which was used with Plum Beach Fire Rescue ALS 89 and Engine 89 for residential protection. The fire was finally extinguished at 1:18 PM, 7/5/2020. Special Thanks to Algonquin Fire Department, Plum Beach fire Recue, and Peterville Volunteer Fire Department for their resources and expertise that they sent our way.
  4. Unfortunately due to a wind change the wildland fire is currently threatening a housing development just outside Lego city. LCPF is evacuating the area but we need some more mutual aid. We need 1 brush truck, 2 engines, and a battalion chief vehicle to defend the housing development from the fire. Lego City Fire Brigade sends its thanks to Algonquin Fire Department for a quick response to our mutual aid request. If your department is responding please respond to this status update with your department name, and the name/number of unit you can provide. 

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    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Oh hahaha I could not send Wildland 2 to replace Brush 3 then and also retract PBFR Engine 89? That would leave an opening for 1 brush and 1 engine

      My website's a little out of date atm cause I have a bunch of rigs I've built but not posted and I've also switched around a bunch of rigs.

    3. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Ok. Yeah my LCPF website is really out of date too. The fire is under control so I will be sending back all the units you supplied. Thanks a lot for all the M/A!!!!! My next build for my department is a fire-fighting plane, would you want that as M/A for AFD? I will be posting the "incident report" soon which should highlight what happened! 

    4. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      You betcha! I'll have to get back to you about the plane, idk atm. Can't wait to hear what happened! I hope you didn't get my trucks too sooty 😜🤣

  5. Lego City Fire Brigade is asking for deployment of mutual aid to a large brush fire that threatening North Lego City. All of our units are onscene and we are a mostly urban fire department, and our wildland division is really being stretched.

    We require 4 brush trucks, 2 engines (to cover empty stations), 2 tenders, and any piece of aircraft firefighting apparatus that is available. 

    To show that your department is responding please respond to this status update with a list of all the names/numbers of the units your sending our way.  

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      I'm the man you'll want for brush fires 😂 Reserve Brush 2 (SKEETER Step-side), Reserve Wildland 2 (Deuce and a Half), Brush 3(6X6 FIREWALKER), Brush 4 (6X6 FIREWALKER), Engine 5(Pierce PUC), Engine 6(E-One Rescue Pumper), Tanker 2 (Spartan Wetside), and Tanker 5 (Custom elliptical) can respond. That all the positions? LOL

    2. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Thanks!!! Yeah I didn't realize how small and underfunded my wildland division was until I dispatched the wildland fire. I'll let you know when we have it under control. 

      You are like the Wildland king!🤣

    3. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      LOL yeah pretty much I've got 10 counting PVFD haha

  6. Recently built an undercover Ford Taurus (almost identical to my current Battalion 2). It is currently assigned to LCPF Gang Crime Unit. I will be posting pictures over the weekend.

  7. Also forgot to mention, Engine 7 is going to be a reserve engine, as of late July 2020. But this is not set in stone, because of the quarantine, it will be kept in service for as long as needed. 

  8. Major Changes Coming Soon 

    (Mostly just for my fire brigade) 

    I modified the current Engine 5 (for hopefully the last time 🤣) and I think I'm happy with how it looks. Also Battalion 1 went through some interior changes and just got out of the shop (will post pictures soon), now its a lot more realistic. 

    The Lego City Ambulance Service has recently been integrated into the Lego City Fir Brigade meaning that ambulances will now respond alongside fire trucks in certain stations.

    One station getting these changes is station 5, with the current rescue 1 going out of service today in order to be re-built into engine 3, which will be staffed in the new station 3 alongside utility 2 and 3. 

    Taking its place in station 5 will be Medic 5, a new Mercedes Benz sprinter ambulance, which is keeping its old "Lego City Ambulance Service" paint job. 

    I want station 3 to be able to fit in a 16x32  sized base plate. If anyone has suggestions for the station design feel free to comment below. Any help would be really appreciated. 

    1. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      About the station, is a supposed to fit in to some sort of a modular street? That would be the easiest way to make a station that small look good.

    2. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Yeah it is, I haven't got any of the pieces to make the modular street yet but the station is top of my list. I want to have it like Sven's FDNY Firehouse E-5. 

    3. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Looks like you've already got already got a plan then :) I want to build one of those in my town too, but I've already got a station.

  9. Tried to send you a PM but it said your messenger is disabled? I'd appreciate if you could look into that a little more and send my a PM if you could.

  10. Hey Ron, 

    I was wondering if your department would be willing to be Mutual Aid with Lego City Fire Brigade? 

    Link to our website below: 


    Hopefully we can make this work...

  11. https://sites.google.com/view/legocityfirebrigade/home?authuser=0

    Check out the Lego City Fire Brigade Webite!

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    2. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Nah, I want to have a walk-in, what would respond to a building collapse with no rescues?

    3. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Just the rescue engines. It's a rescue and engine in one, really quite practical. Although depts often have spec ops units and stuff like that for the big incidents.

      Oh btw, was it you who mentioned you were going to build a PUC? Did you ever get to that?

    4. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Yeah its gonna be for Engine 3, just gotta build the station first then I will destroy the current (and very ugly) engine 3 and replace it with a PUC. Probably will design it on Stud.io first and order the parts of bricklink. Gotta do the rescue first though. 

      Rescue Engines do sound practical but I guess for me every engine is a rescue engine (an engine that carries rescue equipment). 

  12. Station 2 will know consist of Engine 3, Utility 5, Utility 3 and Utility 4. It will be staffed full time. It will be home to the proposed Pumper 1. It will be located south Lego City, and covered by Battalion 2. 

  13. Hello everyone, Engine 5 of the Lego City Fire brigade went thru some changes and has only just returned to service. All of these changes are influenced by staff feedback or extra equipment needed to carry. The first cabinet has been changed to hold the medical equipment which has been moved from the cab freeing up valuable space. The cabinet now holds, standard first aid kit, oxygen tank , airways kit, defibrillator, burns kit, maternity kit, and hard suction kit allowing the truck to be upgraded to an Advanced Life Support engine. This upgrade was needed for the growing number of EMS calls in central Lego City. The cabinet across from that (passenger side front) is know the cabinet assigned for carrying everything a firefighter needs to go into a burning building. This includes a SCBA rack, Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) and a command whiteboard. The cab has also been redesigned (interior) so that firefighters from either sides can get out either doors, allowing all the firefighters to get out one side for a medical call and the other side for a fire depending on what side all the gear is. The rear has been changed up to make the pump panel big enough to hold all the hose and the intakes/discharges. 2 exterior equipment hooks have been set up at the rear of the rig, one holds a scene light and the other holds a hydrant wrench. Other than that the truck stayed the same. Above: The new equipment carried, Right: the new pump panel setup. OTHER NEWS LCFB website update: should be up over the weekend, just finishing up the incidents page Utility 5 has been built, photos will be up in the LCFB album over the weekend, Lego City Police Force HQ got a new floor for special Operations and the 7th floor has been remade into 3 offices for Gang Crime Team, Media Unit, and Tactical Robbery Unit, I am debating whether to post photos of the new development. Have a great rest-of-week/weekend, please practice social distancing, and stay safe! *one more thing, I will try to be posting a blog every Wednesday, so check back here often!!
  14. Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I have titled this blog "My Helicopter Problem" Because I wanted to cover the fact that my city has 4 helicopters and no aircraft's of any sort. The Helicopters I have are: 1 Air ambulance, 1 police traffic Helicopter, 1 Police special operations helicopter, and 1 private helicopter. I just find them so easy to build and easy to keep in a city where space for a full sized airport is really limited. I will be posting photos of all these very soon. I have began to download other peoples mocs and: A) equipped the cabinets B) equipped the cab C) changed the paint scheme D) changed anything else I deem necessary. So starting today if you leave a link to a downloadable (Stud.io) version of your creation with a list of things you want changed (cab equipped, etc. ) as a status update and I will do change it and send it back to you (as a Stud.io file). I really liked Ben's Pierce Velocity Heavy Pumper as a base for an South Metro Fire Rescue's Engine 40, a rig I had wanted to build for quite a whilst. I kept Ben's cab and changed some parts of the body, the pump panel, equipped the cabinets and cab and added a light tower and ladder rack. I am pretty happy with the result. Once again the original truck is by Ben : My Version: SMFREngine40equiped_Final_Copy.io I made a bunch of Ambulances (see my last blog) and my next build is going to be a station to house them all in here is the last ambulance to join my collection, A VW HART response van. HARTvanequiped_Final_Copy.io I hope you enjoy this blog, stay safe, and happy Easter!! Thanks For Reading!!
  15. Sup everybody, 

    I should be posting some pictures of a rather large incident involving a train and a teenager that the Lego City Fire Brigade responded to sometime over the weekend. Hopefully everyone is doing well.   

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