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  1. Unfortunately due to a wind change the wildland fire is currently threatening a housing development just outside Lego city. LCPF is evacuating the area but we need some more mutual aid. We need 1 brush truck, 2 engines, and a battalion chief vehicle to defend the housing development from the fire. Lego City Fire Brigade sends its thanks to Algonquin Fire Department for a quick response to our mutual aid request. If your department is responding please respond to this status update with your department name, and the name/number of unit you can provide. 

    1. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      PVFD Brush 1 (Deuce and a Half, I haven't posted it yet), AFD Engine 4 (Pierce commercial pumper), PBFR Engine 89 (Pierce Arrow XT), and PBFR ALS 89 (Chevy Suburban) can respond.

    2. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Thanks! I didn't mean to rob you of any more apparatus (I was kind hoping that my other mutual aid contract would pull through, but I guess he doesn't check EB as much as we do). This should be the last of the mutual aid I require to get this fire out. I'll post the "incident report" as a status update once this is all done. I had a look at your AFD website the other day and its looking really good!

    3. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Also, the AFD must retract it's Brush 3 due to it being needed in Algonquin. However, Wildland 2, a Type 3 (I haven't posted it yet), can be sent as a replacement.

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