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  1. https://sites.google.com/view/legocityfirebrigade/home?authuser=0

    Check out the Lego City Fire Brigade Webite!

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    2. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Nah, I want to have a walk-in, what would respond to a building collapse with no rescues?

    3. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Just the rescue engines. It's a rescue and engine in one, really quite practical. Although depts often have spec ops units and stuff like that for the big incidents.

      Oh btw, was it you who mentioned you were going to build a PUC? Did you ever get to that?

    4. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Yeah its gonna be for Engine 3, just gotta build the station first then I will destroy the current (and very ugly) engine 3 and replace it with a PUC. Probably will design it on Stud.io first and order the parts of bricklink. Gotta do the rescue first though. 

      Rescue Engines do sound practical but I guess for me every engine is a rescue engine (an engine that carries rescue equipment). 

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