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  1. New fleet and town decided. The new fleet and town will be a small farming country town. The new fire dept will a career/volunteer dept. The town will receive policing from the sherriff. The new name for the town will be Brick elum. Right now my family is building a vacation house in cle elum wa. I've been over there many times and I love the small town feel and I want to incorporate that into my town and fire dept and sheriff.

    1. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      👍 Small towns rock

    2. Rylie D

      Rylie D

      Yes they do. One of my favorite small towns is Ellensburg wa. Its 30 mins east of cle slim and it has a cute downtown. I have a friend that lives down there. It gets pretty windy. I live in snoqualmie wa. It is a masterplaned community. The houses are 10 feet from each other and there is 3 Starbucks in a 1 block radius. 

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