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  1. Spoiler alert 😏

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    2. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      I have a kit with some lights but all my vehicles are to small to hold the battery box 😕. Yours looks good!

    3. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      @Rylie D Well tbh I didn't pay anything, it's all from parts I had on hand 😂 I'm guessing the rig would be somewhere in between $40-$60 though, and the lights for the cab alone costed almost $50 with shipping.

    4. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      @Rescue 423 I have 2 of these in the cab, the fit almost anywhere! https://lifelites.com/elite-jr-kit If I ever light the body I'll probably use Brickstuff because the wires are smaller, the actual LEDs and wires for LifeLites can be little bulky sometimes.

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