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  1. When that one LED just won't work.... 😤


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    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      @Rylie D Well now I'm not sure I'm gonna tell 😜 Lol no not really... My brush trucks are too small and compact to properly fit lights into them without modifying pieces. Maybe someday I'll light try to light up one of them though.

    3. Josh


      I know that feeling, thats why I switched to brickstuff LEDs.

      Also, these would fit in your larger brush truck (the flag one) pretty well (I have them):



      Example of it working on my rigs:


    4. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      @Josh Well I don't know.... Right now I'm just looking to light up this latest rig, so probably nothing for that Type 3 atm. I'm thinking another LifeLites eLite Junior for the light bar, then use the set I have with the non-working LED for the headlights and maybe a visor light. Thanks for the suggestion though, cool vid too!

      Edit: I ordered another eLite Junior. Someday I'll try brickstuff, maybe for the body since I understand the wires are smaller, but for the simple stuff I'm doing right now LifeLites works 😉

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