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  1. As you may have noticed in my latest rigs, I'm kinda slowly and unofficially moving towards a new color scheme of red and black. IMO they go together a lot better then my previous schemes. I might not make it department wide, idk. I had an idea that maybe only wildland apparatus or the rigs from the second battalion would have it.

    1. Rylie D

      Rylie D

      The red and black is a great looking colorsheme. Id make it dept wide. If your brush trucks or rigs from second battalion are in that scheme it might make it look like a totally different dept. In my fleet all rigs have the same colorsheme

    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      It does look really good. Nah, plenty of departments have different schemes for different battalions. Actually one of the main reasons I might not do it department wide is because I don't feel like changing it on all my rigs 😂

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