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  1. More decisions.... Saber rescue pumper, Enforcer RMA, or Enforcer TDA? The only thing that's stopping me from the tiller is that I like the Saber chassis and they don't make Saber tillers 😭

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    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Very good point! I'm kind of focusing on the suburban parts right now, since that's the part I have built in real bricks. I'll probably see how the tiller goes and if I don't like it go with the Saber. I eventually will need another truck though because I made a new truck company (Truck 4) but I don't have a rig for it, so right now the reserve ladder is in that position. Thank you for your input!

    3. Michael P.

      Michael P.

      Enforcer tiller quint. Need I say more? ðŸĪŠ

    4. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      LOL no you don't 😂 If it works out the tiller will be a PUC too

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