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  1. I'm starting to put orders in for a new engine... But I can't decide between an E-one Cyclone rescue engine, commercial cab pumper-tanker (similar to Engine 102), and Pierce Enforcer, Velocity, or (maybe)Quantum rescue engine. Anyone got opinions or ideas? It's going to be the first rig in a new station, Station 6, which serves a suburban area.

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    2. Rylie D

      Rylie D

      Well those spartans looked great. Eventually when I start building OCFA I will have an E one or two. I will probably use Fairfield heights fd design for an E one front. I've also realized that somewhere in that first message I typed fairytail instead of Fairfield. Stupid autocorrect😡.

    3. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Thanks for the compliment, I liked them too but the Spartan engine wasn't good enough for me and I wanted the PVFD rescue to be a twin to AFD Rescue 1. Maybe some day I'll build another one.

    4. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      I would build a pierce enforcer 

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