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  1. I'm starting to put orders in for a new engine... But I can't decide between an E-one Cyclone rescue engine, commercial cab pumper-tanker (similar to Engine 102), and Pierce Enforcer, Velocity, or (maybe)Quantum rescue engine. Anyone got opinions or ideas? It's going to be the first rig in a new station, Station 6, which serves a suburban area.

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    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      If I build a Pierce it will be a Quantum most likely or maybe a velocity, but I'm leaning toward building the Seagrave Meanstick I posted and running it as quint or something. I also thought about a Spartan boomer or some kind or snorkel too, but I really like the way that meanstick looks.

    3. Michael P.

      Michael P.


      I’ve updated my E-ONE Cyclone/Typhoon since I first posted the old Squad 9 back in 2017. One of the biggest changes from that design is the addition of the tiles just behind the grille. Imma be real with you, getting those tiles connected were a big pain to figure out 🤟

    4. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Yeah I've seen the updated version but I kinda like the old one better is some ways. If I build an E-one it will probably be more like Squad 9 but with those tiles. Yeah that must of been a pain alright 😂 I think I see how you did it though

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