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  1. Lets play a game... how many techniques can you pack into the last 5 studs of a rig? 🤪 And yes, those outriggers are indeed functional 👀


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    2. Josh


      I see how you did the tail lights...it's absolutely genius! Can't wait to see this!

    3. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      @Rescue 423 Thank you! Sent you an email bout the magazine btw

      @Josh Thanks a lot! It was kind of a eureka moment lol

    4. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      I just saw the email, thanks!

  2. Looks cool! Do you have an overview of each floor after all this?
  3. Ok, I gotta admit... I'm blown away by this 😂
  4. How did I go from a 7 wide tiller to a 5 wide so quick? 🤔


    The answer is, I'm building 2 tillers 😬

  5. Remember when I posted this chassis? Well, the wheels had too much backspacing and needed too much clearance to be practical for even a brush truck, and the steering radius was second to none. However, when working in seven wide, there are many more options 👀IMG_20200629_1614365.thumb.jpg.45d14cef186a804a77282bb9306fbb8e.jpg


    Most things are far easier to do in LEGO; like off road bumpers on pickups for example. But this is one time where I think it would be a lot easier to just whip out the sawzall and trim the wheel well 😂

  6. Found this sitting on a shelf getting dusty today, remember when they were the craze? This was one of those things I really wanted but gave up on, then one day I found a nearly untouched box in a corner of a craft store, remembered where the policeman should be (4th from the top in the first row? Is that right?), and taadaa!!! I paid almost double LEGO’s price since like everything in craft stores is overpriced, but seeing as they go for $20 on BL I can’t complain! 


  7. A great way to bring attention to normally overlooked details is sneak peeks.... with that being said, I kinda dig what I did here 😳👀


    1. Josh


      I do not believe I have EVER seen this done before. FANTASTIC work!

    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Thank you so much Josh! Something clicked in my head and then it all came together haha, super happy with how it came out!

  8. This is easily my best pump yet... question is, will the rest of the rig be as good? 🤪👀


    Inspired by @Michael P., @TheRealCC, and @Zakk Keenan

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    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Haha technique is rarely an issue for me anymore, finding headlight bricks on the other hand is a nightmare 😂

    3. Zakk Keenan

      Zakk Keenan

      Loving the Rasta headlight bricks. The down-angled intake looks great too. Just like the real thing.

    4. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Thank you very much Zakk! My pumps have improved a ton, this was my second pumper I built almost 2 years, and by far my worst


  9. Building a little something for Liberty County Sheriffs Department... bed or flatbed? 


    1. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Definitely bed

    2. Josh


      I agree, bed

    3. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      What do you guys think about a dually bed? Keep in mind it's made for a 6' box, the white flatbed pictured above is 10'


  10. Beast 😬


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    2. Joshua B
    3. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Your too fast 😂 meant to post that as another status update so I deleted it

    4. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      That would be it 😂😂😂

  11. For those wondering...  yes, it is possible to make a LEGO tire bald 😂😂😂😂


    1. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Ignore my junky paint job on the rim 😂

    2. Josh


      I'm not even going to ask...😂

    3. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      lol I needed to know if it could do a boosted launch... 😂 I once tried putting LEGO cars on a treadmill, not a good idea, the axles are toast in like 3 seconds 

  12. Uh no... 😂 Actually the ground floor would be the hardest with my layout, I'd rather do one or both of the top floors
  13. Please tell me I don't have to do an interior..... I'm worse then LEGO at interiors 😂
  14. I mean it's not as bad as the interior of the town house in the Pet Shop set, there they decided not to mess with it so they just said a family was moving in and put all of 2 boxes in it 😂
  15. I've learned not to expect much from LEGO, even in the modular line, so with that in mind I'm quite happy with it! Of course I won't buy it but if I did, the only changes I would make is turning the third floor bathroom into an observation room with a widow into the interrogation room, and maybe add another desk and some other little details to the second floor.
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