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  1. Hey gang, I think I will change to the new plate system. I want to make my city like Boston (more specifically the cozy, welcoming roads and architecture), and the first step for me is narrow roads, the new system (if the leaks are true) will allow me to do that. Stay tuned for a new post!

  2. New road plate designs...They are growing on me not gonna lie. Hey, if they release a 16x32 and a 32x32 version of the standard plate...I would be so down. Future modular buildings are (apparently) going to include these roads and they will match this new system (as in not built on classic skinny baseplates) still not sure if I will convert over to it or not. this system might make a centralized city-wide lighting system more feasible...you could hide all the wires under plates and stuff and they go to a smart plug or something so you can switch the whole city on and off. 980744236_Screenshot2020-09-16144249.png.96b98cfc5c14899bddcb1980cfa1e9c1.png1043086549_Screenshot2020-09-16143801.thumb.png.19bd679f2885ec9c1b824f362496295f.png

    1. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      The idea of multiple lanes is cool, for my kind of layout it's unnecessary though. Maaaaybe some day if a have a sizable collection of modular I could do a downtown street with parallel parking and the works, idk. It would be interesting to see them implemented in a layout

    2. Josh


      @Joshua BI agree. My city is still small, debating whether to go new road style or stick with classic plates.

      The new system opens a lot of opportunities like bridges, highways, tunnels, hiding LED wires, etc.

      I kinda want to model my city off of downtown Boston, so the custom plates would be better.

  3. Centennial Tower progress update, it will be partial offices partial apartments. Thoughts?

    Centennial Tower  WIP.png

    1. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Nice work! How many stories will it be? 

    2. Josh


      @Joshua B Yes


      (translation from humor): I have no clue. just gonna keep building up until it is super tall lol.

  4. @Rescue 423gave me the idea to make a callsign chart. A copy is now on my contact/about section on my website...it is also right here:


  5. lol. I just uploaded the new station to Bricklink Wanted list... $280 USD and that was building everything in the cheapest version of bricks possible. I'll be a 40 year old before I have the income to build up my whole city lol. My plan now I guess is just finish the South District and make it super detailed (add better sidewalks, get better tables, get the rest of the road plates, add LED lights to all buildings and lampposts, actually finish my fire fleet, etc).

  6. Station 1 is the station you guys see in all my pictures, working on station 2, what do you guys think so far? (battalion 100 and my seagrave tiller (124) will be stationed here) going to try and make it so the front gates slide up and down, we will see how that goes I guess...My goal here was to mix the historic Boston Station arch-way style with a modern look.


    1. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Amazing! Can't wait to see it finished! Are you planning on a second floor/interior?

    2. Josh


      @Rescue 423Full interior, single story.

  7. Officially dedicating Truck 134 in memory of 9/11. This is the first and only company to have their own company patch design.


  8.  Evening folks, made a skunkworks blog for all my prototypes. http://sbfd.weebly.com/brickford-city-skunkworksimage.thumb.png.e73a3045d80a878c8b03c48381d7cf51.png

    ALSO: New build lol. ^

    1. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      I commented on the blog post, but lemme also suggest that you make the front bumper not stick out so much, add a back bumper (EVERYONE forgets that and it drives me nuts 😂), and change the taillights. There should be a clear plate on the bottom and two trans red ones on top, there no orange. Again though, it's a good start and I can't wait to see the finished model! It would look good in your Sheriff's office *hint hint* 😂

    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Oooone more thing 😂 what's up with the three wide C-pillar? Definitely cut it down to one and make the last window long like a Chevy and it should look better .

  9. Good morning! Made a few changes to Trucks 134 and 350. Michael P. suggested I add a second set of outriggers to the rear of the two Ferrara platforms, so I gave it a try, and I really like how it turned out! These can also be extended.


  10. OK...Changing North Brickford City's scheme. stay tuned!

  11. Still low on bricks and going back to college, so no more IRL rigs for a while. :( Made some smoke though so that's cool I guess. On the plus side the pieces for the battalion of District 1 dropped in price from 70 to 50 dollars...can't wait to put that in as my first bricklink order!

  12. Cool LEGO city layout designer if anyone is interested: https://bluebrick.lswproject.com/

    Example of South district plans I made:


  13. wishing I could build some more rigs IRL. Don't have the pieces...and ordering the pieces for ONE of my planned tower trucks would cost over 100 dollars. :/

    1. Michael P.

      Michael P.

      Look into the pieces you are using. Chances are, if you are using the wrong subtype (for example, there’s 3 different kinds of jumper plates. One of them is much cheaper compared to the others), your price can vary quite a bit. Also, if you are using rare pieces, those will drive your price way up. Rare colors can also cause your price to go up quite a bit.

  14. My website: http://sbfd.weebly.com/ has no WBFD (West Brickford Fire Dept) Which means... I need to design one... Starting design process!

    1. Ed O

      Ed O

      Your response guidelines seem a bit odd... 'activated alarms' and an 'unconfirmed working fire' are the same thing, so I don't understand why they have two totally separate responses.

    2. Josh


      Activated alarm: fire alarm is sounding. Nobody knows why. Unconfirmed working fire: activated alarms + calls about a fire. IE: civilian calls and sees dark smoke and hears an alarm. While its confirmed by the citizen, the FD has not confirmed it yet. In my area, if someone sees smoke, it sends more crews then an alarm(because of past events). It really depends on the area. 

    3. Ed O

      Ed O

      Not sure how I just saw this but to each his own, I guess. In my department we consider them to be the same thing

  15. me: looks at city

    city: needs buildings

    me: is bad at architecture

    me: asks Sven for help because his buildings are amazing.

  16. Merry Christmas all! 

  17. Thanks for the likes!


  18. Anyone have a bucket of my color scheme(s)? I got nothing to build :( Just Kidding, Hope you're all doing well today :)lego city episode 6 GIF by LEGO

    1. Karlmarsh20P1
    2. Josh


      Its a joke... I ran out of blue and yellow bricks, close to running out of usable white bricks.

    3. Karlmarsh20P1


      oh #buysomemore 



  19. When someone says they hate LEGO


  20. When your a total emergency vehicle nerd and you watch a video of a CVPI responding.


    1. Ed O

      Ed O

      Been there, done that. I do take videos every now and again as well

    2. Josh


      Same, I take videos any chance I get. Boston is a good place to do it. So is NYC. These two cities in particular still use CVPI's

  21. When you want to build a fleet of trucks but don't have the bricks. *facepalm*

    1. Ed O

      Ed O

      The struggle of literally the entire LFC

  22. Thanks for the follow!

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