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Hi, welcome to my EB profile! This is a LEGO fire department that was designed and thought up by me (Josh). and it is not endorsed or affiliated with/by LEGO or any real fire departments. Thanks and enjoy! 

Do you like my color schemes? Me too! I wanted to stay away from the normal red and white, so all my departments have wacky colors!

My Department is broken up in 4 Districts. A district is identified by the first number and letter of their district in every rig. Example: NE-310 is Engine 10 of North Brickford. SE-112 is South Brickford Engine 12. On the radio it would be "SE12 calling dispatch" I have a few other departments too, Winterbrick and New Brickswich. 

I also have a project that is to build a few Boston rigs, for now these are Engine 2, Ladder 19 and their station. (I choose these because Engine 2 is historically significant to the City, it is the oldest engine company in the city.)

I am proud to say that I use BrickStuff led lights for all lighting! (not sponsored, I like their stuff :D )


Website: sbfd.weebly.com


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