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Hi, welcome to my EB profile! This is a LEGO fire department that was designed and thought up by me (Josh). and it is not endorsed or affiliated with/by LEGO or any real fire departments. Thanks and enjoy! 

Do you like my color schemes? Me too! I wanted to stay away from the normal red and white, so all my departments have wacky colors!

My Department is broken up in 4 Districts. A district is identified by the first letter of their district in every rig. Example: NE-1 is Engine 1 of North Brickford. SE-12 is South Brickford Engine 12. On the radio it would be "SE12 calling dispatch"

I follow a special color scheme for SBFD, it helps me keep it organized:
Any place under the cab will be yellow for fire rigs and blue for medical rigs. All cabs are white.
Behind the cab (compartments and water tank area) should be yellow or blue for fire.
Ambulance have the white continue towards the rear of the box with either blue or yellow on top of it.
I do change the stripping slightly per rig to make them each slightly unique but still keeping them very consistent in terms of color scheme. 
I hope that makes sense, thank you for reading!

Also I am proud to say that I use Lifelites LLC and BrickStuff led lights for all lighting! (not sponsored, I like their stuff :D )


Website: sbfd.weebly.com

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