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  1. My website: http://sbfd.weebly.com/ has no WBFD (West Brickford Fire Dept) Which means... I need to design one... Starting design process!

    1. Ed O

      Ed O

      Your response guidelines seem a bit odd... 'activated alarms' and an 'unconfirmed working fire' are the same thing, so I don't understand why they have two totally separate responses.

    2. Josh


      Activated alarm: fire alarm is sounding. Nobody knows why. Unconfirmed working fire: activated alarms + calls about a fire. IE: civilian calls and sees dark smoke and hears an alarm. While its confirmed by the citizen, the FD has not confirmed it yet. In my area, if someone sees smoke, it sends more crews then an alarm(because of past events). It really depends on the area. 

    3. Ed O

      Ed O

      Not sure how I just saw this but to each his own, I guess. In my department we consider them to be the same thing

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