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Community Answers

  1. Accurate statement!
  2. Josh

    Welding Rig

    Great little truck!
  3. Hi guys, another update: I have another building for the south district in the works. I also started another side department based in Maine. Most of my time however has been spent doing classwork, and 3D modeling 3D printed pieces for 1/64 vehicles with @ Joshua B . It has been a lot of fun and I can't wait for you guys to see what we have been up to! I also have been learning more about custom circuit board design so I can make my LEGO lighting setups even better.


    I always kinda have a LEGO "Dark period" around this time of year, but never fear, I am not going anywhere, I just have too many hobbies and stuff I like doing to keep up with it all at once lol.

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    2. Josh


      Residential apartments!

    3. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Oh cool! I’ve wanted to do that IRL for a long time but never did, maybe someday. 

      Maybe we need to take a break from 3D printing so you can finish? 🤔

    4. Josh


      Haha it's all good, I enjoy the 3D printing projects!

  4. Josh

    Pics are junk I know

    Didn't see this picture until now. I really like this rig, just a little short(height-wise). It looks amazing.
  5. Well gang, I'm back to college. I have SR115 and A1-4 with me to program. I will also be working on my city buildings digitally. I have some cool ideas, so stay tuned!

  6. Josh

    PUC Rescue

    I really like this rig, it does look a bit short though.
  7. Josh

    Winnipeg Engine 8

    I think this may be one of your best builds yet! I would recommend changing all the scene lights from yellow to clear though.
  8. My first diecast disassembly, and all without incident! I'm gonna be converting this car to my hometowns color scheme/decals.


    1. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Hey hey, looking good! Are you going to repaint it or just take the tamps off and put new decals on? 

    2. Josh



      tamps off and put new decals on

      This. I will then add a blue stripe and the letters. We only use chargers + an F150 now, however I thought it would be neat to make a CVPI version.


    3. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      Trouble with that is, the white might be tamped in rather then painted, in which case if you try to take the lettering off you loose the white. Could be painted though, idk

  9. This is very good to know...since the only place I would even be able to find them would be a walmart 20 min away or amazon lol. #smalltowns
  10. Josh

    Part 2- SB Taxi Co

    Maybe later down the road (pun intended lol).

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