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  1. Such a rubbish lego builder... Haven't touched a brick in ages. 😂 

  2. Happy birthday mate. Enjoy.

  3. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a happy New Year 

    I hope Santa brings a few set's. 

    1. Sven


      Not to me this time but Julia will get some sets for sure XD Thanks so much. Wishing you and your loved ones the same! Enjoy the Holidays my good friend 🎅🎄🎁

  4. What vehicle's will you be posting before the end of 2018?. 

    Plans for 2019?.


    1. calvin fox

      calvin fox

      the rest of station 1  then  i dont know  


    2. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Station 1 is a great design and look to it. 

  5. Hi everyone thought i would come back on here again after a few e mails. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sven


      Hey my friend, great to see you back on here ;)



    3. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Will need to update a few things.

    4. Martijn Meijdam

      Martijn Meijdam

      Glad to see you here mate.

  6. Back again with a few updates. Enjoy

  7. Ok so not been on that much, will have to do an update.

  8. Ok so not been on that much, will have to do an update.

  9. Thinking of putting together the police command lorry and the new tow truck?.

    1. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      then set up a little incident?

    2. Dustin


      Graeme, I got them both. I also got the Police Pick-up with boat. Not a real big fan of the command truck but it will do.

    3. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      No incident Paulo, I meant put the front of the lorry with the new rear of the tow truck..

      Dustin the lorry part is the part I like the most and is the European look that I like as you know I make this style of rigs for my fire service. Updates soon. I hope.

  10. Merry Christmas folks and a happy new year, I hope to be more active and brick built stuff 2014.

  11. How and why does this kid have this fire truck???. http://youtu.be/scAS9guz71E

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    2. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Must be an American thing I've looked at www.lego.com and I can not see these new sets must be an American thing?.

    3. ~JD~


      I guess, I saw them on the site like a week ago. Which is surprising since you guys over in Europe usually get that kinda stuff first.

    4. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      I've never seen it in my local shops early it'll be in the shops in January. :(

  12. Anyone else seen the lego airport rig on YouTube? Type in jangbricks and you'll see.

    1. M. Galligano

      M. Galligano

      I like it a lot actually.

  13. Somebody has payed a pretty penny to get their hands on this.

  14. What's the number 5 on the new airport truck mean?.

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    2. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      I know that but lego have numbers in the police sets 1-6 on each vehicle but where does the airport truck fit into that?.

    3. Sven


      I think it has nothing to do with the police sets.

    4. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      I meant like the police sets as in does the fire sets have the same number thing?.

      I'll have a look and see if there is any sequence of numbers from this years fire sets.

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