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  1. Huntington Brick Fire Department The Huntington Brick Fire Department is a nationally recognized ISO Class 1 premier all-risk public safety organization. Our primary mission is to protect, serve and improve the quality of life for the entire community of Huntington Brick. We achieve this through strong partnerships in all areas within the City of Huntington Brick. Huntington Brick is located in the south bay and is considered a beach town. HBFD has 13 stations throughout the city and covers 35 square miles. Our resources are strategically located across the City to ensure we are meeting the community’s expectations. Our emergency response resources include 15 engine companies, seven truck companies, seven paramedic rescue units, hazardous materials unit, Urban Search & Rescue, and two battalion Commanders serving as an emergency scene manager.
  2. Generaldrew52

    Truck 6

    From the album: Huntington Brick Fire Department

    Truck 6 is a 2019 Pierce Velocity, it was previously a Arrow XT and was upgraded a couple months ago. Truck 6 is housed at Station 6 along with E-6, R-6, and HAZ-6. I’ve been away awhile and now trying to remake my folder of all my rigs.

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