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  1. Evan M.

    Welcome, Probies!

    Always a pleasure to read your writing james. One thing I'd personally add, •personal tools.
  2. Howdy guys! just wanted to let you all know I've begun the long process of finding a live in fire department for next year. I've also been really busy with school but should be more active here now that schools begun to get less crazy.

    1. Scotty Jones

      Scotty Jones

      I know how it is, school just started today here in NY. good luck 

  3. starting a tiler, should ridiculous

    1. Jordan G.

      Jordan G.

      I can't wait, any details?

  4. apparantly nissan has a new car called the 1DX

    1. Harrison McNeill

      Harrison McNeill

      That is one of the ugliest cars I have ever seen! Its a mix of a VW Golf MK1 and an AMC Pacer with a bit of Mustang and Camaro thrown in.

    2. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      All Nissans are ugly...

    3. Evan M.

      Evan M.

      I was refering to the name...

  5. if anyone has any smoth flat 1x1 transparent amber tiles they'd be willing to sell/trade pm me, i'll make it worth your while.

    1. EHFDtower751


      I have 3 (ur messages folder is full BTW)

    2. Evan M.
  6. its cold outside, temps in the low teens with windchill reaching 0 to -5.

    1. ~JD~


      Oh how fun that sounds! Not! lol

    2. Michael Morrison

      Michael Morrison

      Driving in it is just fantastic :/

  7. new cab should hopefully be gere tommorow from TMJ28

    1. Lebby


      I heard about this two weeks ago at work, from what I understand it is a mix a codeine and gasoline. Literally eats you from the inside out.

    2. Michael Morrison

      Michael Morrison

      I've heard about this as well. Why would anyone put that into their body??

  8. Happy Birthday Evan M. PRFD!

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