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  1. So I can sit and read useless dribble about which Department has the best paint scheme...but when a real tragedy occurs it's a no no to talk about? I thought this was EMERGENCY Bricks....If we can't talk about current events and must limit our talk to LEGO conversations...I no longer want to hear about your REAL Departmenst newest purchase, paint job, or any fires or incidents that they may have responded to.

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    2. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Tom I love your lego fire stations/houses

    3. BrickTwpFD


      I definitely have to agree with you on this one Tom.

    4. Nick Warner

      Nick Warner

      I think that Dakota has pointed out several times that this really isn't the website for this type of stuff... Not saying we shouldn't be allowed to discuss this, but there are definitely better places for these discussions to take place. Please don't act like this is somehow all about you, it's not. Try and give the victims and people affected a bit more respect and just drop it.