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  1. So I am looking to get rid of about 30 rigs. I will be putting them up on EBAY in the next day or two.If anyone is interested in any before I put them up, let me know



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    2. Ed O

      Ed O

      Are you getting out of building?

    3. legotom


      Just looking to dump some extra rigs I have. Looking to get some cash to buy some classic comic books.  Anything  on my moc. Pages with the yellow stripe is up for sale


    4. ~JD~


      Set you an email Tom.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you are doing well and hope you have a good day sir!!

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    2. Joshua O.

      Joshua O.

      I think it's awesome, too! I wish there were more similarly epic police color schemes running around Florida.

    3. Lake Dodge Fire Rescue

      Lake Dodge Fire Rescue

      Orlando PD has a recruitment unit that has the same basic color scheme, except with the Orlando skyline instead:

    4. Joshua O.

      Joshua O.

      Wow! I wish I could see it in person.

  3. Lear jet with 7 people aboard crashes on take off..Hanscom AFB Bedford/Lexington MA Working dispatch in Lexington

  4. Reports now of 2 firefighters killed in Boston at 9 alarm fire in The back bay

    1. Edgar M

      Edgar M

      may they rest in peace.

  5. For all the Ferrara fans out there. This is what the town I work for has been dealing with for a few years. http://www.universalhub.com/2013/lexington-wants-nearly-1-million-replace-what-it

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    2. Lego Island Beach FD

      Lego Island Beach FD

      Decatur has some Igniters in service, not very durable trucks.

    3. ID-1


      Seems like the date of the order and the date of delivery were rather close for what I assume was a custom job.

    4. legotom


      It was a rush job...they originally orderd an ALF and then they went under...The former Chief of Department, who purchased the rig now is a sales rep for Ferrara..coincidently

  6. Just realized yesterday was the 40th anniversery of the Great Chelsea Fire of 1973 This fire resulted in a major overhaul of the Mutual Aide Agreements in this area
  7. So I can sit and read useless dribble about which Department has the best paint scheme...but when a real tragedy occurs it's a no no to talk about? I thought this was EMERGENCY Bricks....If we can't talk about current events and must limit our talk to LEGO conversations...I no longer want to hear about your REAL Departmenst newest purchase, paint job, or any fires or incidents that they may have responded to.

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    2. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Tom I love your lego fire stations/houses

    3. BrickTwpFD


      I definitely have to agree with you on this one Tom.

    4. Nick Warner

      Nick Warner

      I think that Dakota has pointed out several times that this really isn't the website for this type of stuff... Not saying we shouldn't be allowed to discuss this, but there are definitely better places for these discussions to take place. Please don't act like this is somehow all about you, it's not. Try and give the victims and people affected a bit more respect and just drop it.

  8. Apparently current events are not encouraged here. I guess I will be taking my leave now

  9. From Boston PD 1 Marathon Bomber dead, second still on the loose. 1 MIT Police officer dead 1 Mass Transit Police officer seriously wounded. Suspects threw explosives at pursuing police

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