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  1. Thats one beautiful scope😍. Great work
  2. Rylie Davis

    PUC Rescue

    Great rig. Even though I'm not a fan of mega pucs this one looks good
  3. I'm wanting to give @  Michael P  cabinet design a try and I'm wondering from those who did it how did you get the snot tiles on each side of the rollup to work with the frame of the truck?


    1. Michael P

       Michael P

      Bricks with studs on one side are how those tiles are connected

    2. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      What he said, and technic cross axles holding the sections together 

  4. math DOES NOT belong on emergency bricks. I'd like to not think of school plz


  5. Rylie Davis

    Brick valley fire rescue

    brick valley covers a small town and most of its coverage area is rural
  6. That hosebed is amazing. Great work
  7. New bumper and the compartment between the pump and back wheel well increased in length
  8. There just not simply worth the price
  9. So...I'm a bit stumped on this truck. Any one got any ideas on how to do the hose bed. 


    1. Joshua B

      Joshua B

      There's this piece called a panel...


    2. Rylie Davis

      Rylie Davis

      @ Joshua B I was trying a different technique but I'll just use this

  10. The biggest pegwarmers are those GL tractors
  11. I think for now its just Hollywood
  12. I saw that and I know ill never find them since walmart is a bit bad at stocking
  13. today I took the bus (still don't have a driver's license) and got some lunch and greenlight. Hobby lobby was well stocked. Hobby lobby is a bit pricey but it the only store that sells them in my area (the Walmarts never have them) but I walked out with plenty of finds and a empty wallet😅 First off I got 2 police units. A police truck and a jeep. The truck is cool with a green color but the police jeep is small and cute. Second off I got 2 sports cars. The dodge charger is cool especially with that purple color and the Chevy is great as I am a fan of classic muscle cars (still want to find a greenlight old Ford mustang). And last I got 4 trucks My favs got to be the ram 1500 with snowplow. But I could care less about the decals. Too busy. The Conoco dodge is great along with the 2 old fords. My collection is slowly growing. I'm up to 26 greenlights and I've only been collecting for a few months.
  14. Anyone got any designs for a boat like this?


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