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  1. Any of you think you can build this ugly as sin fire engine? http://fire-engine-photos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/24208.jpg I've tried and I ended up with something that amazingly looked worse than the original.

    1. gasilec112
    2. Jackeatley


      Nice work :) I was really trying to get the weird triangle shape on the top of the roof, so the front doors are set in, maybe we should try 6/7 wide.

    3. Jackeatley
  2. Charlottesburg City Fire has had a Ferrara for about 6 months. I think I forgot to mention it. http://ccfd.zxq.net/_/Engine_7.html

    1. ID-1


      Oh my a ISX! I personally like an ISM.

  3. Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue dispatched to get Kate Middleton's dog out of a gate, and after all the excitement and lost tax £ she still has't gone into labour.

    1. Jackie


      Woot! Royal Baby has been delivered safely.

  4. http://www.wmfs.net/content/major-fire-smethwick Working Job now being investigated in my homeland, over 50 units deployed and 10 firefighters treated my medics, 2 hospitalized, all for a Chinese lantern.
  5. Chicago heads, i've been wondering, I saw a photo of a rig on flickr marked as engine company Dxxx and then i saw one in ER marked Engine D559, are the Dxxx rigs spares used for TV or does it mean something else?

    1. Zak O.

      Zak O.

      Any rig with a letter and then 3 numbers after is part of the spare fleet. I don't think they have rigs marked specifically for TV shows, just ones that are taken from the spare fleet. I believe each type of unit has a different number. (D= Engine, E=Truck, etc.)

    2. Jordan G.

      Jordan G.

      X might mean it's a spare squad.

  6. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151549447855067 Russian Firefighters showing how fast they can access a building.
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    2. Ryan McKenzie

      Ryan McKenzie

      Awe^ I was about to say that...

    3. Michael Morrison

      Michael Morrison

      lol we won't. It was just as something cool to end the powerpoint with.

    4. Ben


      @Dakota I was just about to attempt it...

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