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  1. Happy Birthday Andrew P.!

  2. Happy Birthday Andrew P.!

  3. http://www.emergencybricks.com/community/gallery/image/7141-squad-51a/ Little rig I threw together, kind of proud of it to be honest.
  4. Re-naming my department/town. Does anyone know if Brickfield Township or something similar is already taken?

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    2. Andrew P.

      Andrew P.

      Good to know Alex, I'm gonna brainstorm some other ideas and think about it. My hometown is called Springfield Township so that was my first thought.

    3. Karl E

      Karl E

      Why have brick at all? Yes, I get the reference to it, but how about the Lego Township of Springfield? Something along those lines and you still reference Lego.

    4. Paulo R.

      Paulo R.

      ^good point! Thats why I like using Stud, until you tell that to a non-lego community member and they look at ya funny... lol

  5. Happy Birthday Andrew P.!

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