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  1. I'd say this one is probably my favorite.
  2. It looks much better than "kinda decent" lol
  3. This is the San Brickardo Police Department (SBPD) and will cover the city of San Brickardo. So far only 3 precincts in the city have been planned, the 7th, 8th and 5th precincts. More info on them below. As you can see from the badge, this department is based on the LAPD, NYPD and SFPD, and the city it serves will take mild inspiration from California cities. Thanks to @ Josh who found and drafted the first version of the badge. Stay tuned as lots of stuff if going to come out of this city soon. Stations-Status-Area it protects 7th Precinct-Created-Elm Ave 8th Precinct-Built IRL- Little Italy (North of Elm Ave) 5th precinct-Planned-Downtown More info: https://sanbrickardopd.weebly.com/
  4. From the album: San Brickardo Police Department (SBPD)

    After quite a while of work (and even more time spent trying to render this thing!) in finally able to present to you a brand new (digital) build! This building (The Old Metropolitan Times Building) is the official office of the Internal Affairs branch of the San Brickardo Police Department. You may ask why the Internal Affairs branch has its own large office instead of being housed in HQ? The IA Branch has its own office away from other police facilities so that a civilian walking in with a complaint has no chance of seeing the officer they are complaining against while trying to report them. The first floor holds a private business (a bike shop) while the second floor has the bullpen, evidence locker, interview and observation room as well as receptionist desk. The third floor has the captains office, surveillance room and briefing room. The building is also equipped with a fire escape system and the roof hosts the capability to do press briefings and has a surveillance drone launching pad/storage area. More detailed pics located here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSKjI8vANa5/ Aside from the Crown Vics being @ Josh s the build is entirely custom.

    © Rescue 423 2021

  5. Check out the updates on the SBFR Website! 

    I made some progress filling out Station 6s apparatus info, and I added a cool backstory to Station 11s page. Visit the link below and let me know what you think of the "Midtown Mammoths" Below!


    I also did some math and learnt that SBFR will have 81 stations (I didn't stutter, 81) most of which will be built online. The 81 stations will be spread out between 9 battalions, 3 Districts (East, West and Central). I've managed to plan fully and get started on building (Both IRL and Digital) lots of Battalion 2 and I'm almost done the planning phase for all of Battalion 1. More to come soon!

  6. Wow cool scene! Love the custom fire helmet and smoke details!
  7. Just finished setting up the starters for IRL Sam Brickardo! Keep in mind SAN Brickardo will be split between digital (Stud.io) creations and physicals builds. 

    As you can see by the Chinese spring gardens most of Adam Brickardo IRL will be covering the North East, Chinatown section of the city. What do you think of the tables? I’m very happy with them! 0D019605-8F6B-4A21-85BC-9C89AAA1D995.jpeg.042e3d1ed4a507a4f8a8c444f11b3340.jpeg

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    2. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Thanks! About to build my first modular building to add to the city!

    3. Josh


      Looking good!

    4. Rescue 423
  8. IMG_5936.JPG.caacd902e15e91a20ae5d7ccd76117a5.JPG

    Birthday Haul! Just the set I wanted! Perfect to go in my brand new cities Chinatown. I also got some tables (finally) and a Gaming PC (but its in the shop being built...). Overall a very cool birthday!

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    2. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      @  Josh

      When I get it back from the shop I'll definitely get a spec list posted!

    3. Newberry Fire

      Newberry Fire


    4. Rescue 423
  9. Oh right yeah thanks for pointing that out!
  10. Yeah the poor fire buff was a little too close to the front of the truck when the sirens started up.... Thanks! Because of how close together Station 5 and station 4 are, they often visit each other for training, so I'm sure Firefighter Reid will get an opportunity to have a try on the BBQ some time in the future...
  11. Rescue 423

    San Brickardo Fire Rescue

    San Brickardo Fire Rescue Area SBFR serves a very large sprawling coastal city of San Brickardo with a population of approximately 4 million minifigs. To the "central" it is very urban downtown with modern high-rises lining the waterfront, to the east there is the large San Brickardo Beach, and to the west is Holly-brick and lots of wealthy housing. SBFR provides water rescue (dive rescue), fire, rescue, and medical services to the entire city. This fire department will have 3 battalions (this will be updated as I plan out more) but for now I've only got 1. Fire Alarm Box Numbering First digit = Battalion Second Digit = First Due Station Third Digit = Box Number. Ex, Box 251 is Battalion 2, Station 5, Box 1. Mutual Aid SBFR is still quite a new department and is offering regular units for Mutual Aid as well as its specialist teams like its Dive Rescue team, and Urban/High-rise firefighting team, and Collapse Rescue team. Contact Rescue 423 for Mutual Aid. This thread is still being edited as I develop more on SBFR More info: https://sanbrickardopd.weebly.com/
  12. From the album: San Brickardo Fire Rescue

    Station 6 decided to take advantage of the warm weather they had this evening when Firefighter Stuart took to the barbeque, and made multiple hotdogs to feed the ever hungry crew of 12 (13 with the station dog, any name suggestions?) stationed at Station 6. The evening continued with a nice game of (surprisingly uninterrupted) basketball and fresh lemonade.

    © Rescue 423

  13. From the album: San Brickardo Fire Rescue

    While Station 6 enjoyed their BBQ Engine 5 responded code 3 to a medical call in their first due area. This photo was taken by a fire buff who happened to be in front of the station when they got the call and shows Firefighter Reid hurrying to get onto the truck after making sure traffic was stopped at his respective side. Engine 5 is SBFRs busiest station for a reason! CAD: ------------------------------- 07/23/2021- 1831 INCIDENT MEDICAL- CHEST PAINS UNITS E5 LOCATION BOX 257- 142 ELM AVE APT 3C CIDS 5 FLOOR RESIDENTIAL -------------------------------

    © Rescue 423 2021

  14. Cool truck! Just missing some decals IMO
  15. Thanks! I've done buses, (see the San Brickardo Public Transit album) and Ive done some cars (Mercedes, Part 1 and Tesla as well as a try on Jeep).
  16. Time for a status update on the SBFR:

    Battalion 2 has 7 planned station;

    Station 5 and 6 have been constructed, posted, and I even designed the minifigs to staff them. 

    Station 4s trucks have been finished, and so have the minifigs (why not post them? I got a rule where I have to finish the (digitally building) the station building before I post, otherwise I'd never get it done). 

    All of these trucks have their own separate patches, and mascots, each with a unique backstory. 

    Battalion 1 is still being planned, but I know for sure its gonna have a couple of tillers. 

    All of this is coming soon, I'm just working on finishing an IA building for SBPD (a very cool project that I'm quite happy with). 

    1. Newberry Fire

      Newberry Fire

      Can we see some pictures please!

    2. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      station 5 and 6 have been posted in the SBFR album. I will post pictures of Station 4 when I'm done the actual building but until then it remains in secrecy!

  17. Very cool! How did you get photos in the description?
  18. Rescue 423

    San Brickardo

    This album is for pictures of the city served by the San Brickardo police Department, Parkview medical center, and San Brickardo Public Transit. Each of these services have their own album which you can see their fleet and more, but this album is for seeing pictures of the small details inside of San Brickardo.
  19. From the album: San Brickardo

    Part 2 of the "Populating the streets of San Brickardo" project started a short while back with my Mercedes Benz is here! But this time it isn't in the form of a car brand, instead its a "type" of vehicle I had wanted to create for San Brickardo for a while now, taxi cabs. These particular cabs are owned by San Brickardo Taxi Co (as seen by the logo on their sides), one of the many companies employed by San Brickardo Public Transit to run taxi services in the city. Both taxies can fit 2 minifigures (driver, passenger) and a small piece of luggage. The front cab is a modded version of @ Josh s Crown Vic with custom decals, while the second cab is a completely custom Toyota Corolla (I know it looks weird and ugly but IMO the real one is weird and ugly so it works) with opening rear compartment. Both models feature removable roofs and easily interchangeable ad boards I hope to customize with some ironic and funny adds in the future. I needed to take a break from a couple of large projects I was working on (SBPD Internal Affairs Office and SBFR Station 4) and creating a couple taxies to feature in backgrounds and possibly future scenes seemed like a good idea! Now back to working on the larger projects... What do you think of these cabs? What should part 3 be?

    © Rescue 423 2021

  20. Considering the fact my PC is in the shop and so I can't digitally build using any of my old files until I get it back... I have decided to go a bit patch crazy and design patches for most of the SBFR stations I have planned out. Here they all are: 


    You may recognize a couple of them...1414436270_acoupleofpatches(overview)pt2.png.cd8f997a0fc4b7ce495d9319ab47ac09.png

    I also created websites for SBFR and SBPD (links below). Thoughts?




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    2. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      @  Josh  Thanks! Made them with google drawing, a selection of fdny patches, cropping software, and an imagination. Yep and there's even more weebly stuff on the pd website. Slowly replacing it though. 

    3. Newberry Fire

      Newberry Fire

      Wowe! That is amazing!

    4. Rescue 423
  21. I'm not much of a mercedes fan either but these cars fit the wealthier aesthetic I'm trying to achieve for parts of San Brickardo so I had to make them.
  22. From the album: San Brickardo

    "Populating the streets of San Brickardo" is a new multi-step project started by me to keep myself busy over the summer I'll be attempting to create different types of cars to populate the streets of San Brickardo. Step 1 is mostly made up of Mercedes Benz C-Class variants, with the one closest being a 2-door the middle one (my fav.) being a 4-door, and the furthest one being a 2 door convertible. Aside from the headlight being inspired by @ Michael P s Charger design headlight the model is custom built by myself, and a good addition to the fleet of vehicles cruising around San Brickardo streets. I'm not done with Mercedes-Benz yet, as I do plan on making a Mercedes Benz Sprinter design, as well as a G-class and Vito to add to my collection.

    © Rescue 423 2021

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