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  1. Rescue 423

    San Brickardo

    This album is for pictures of the city served by the San Brickardo police Department, Parkview medical center, and San Brickardo Public Transit. Each of these services have their own album which you can see their fleet and more, but this album is for seeing pictures of the small details inside of San Brickardo.
  2. Rescue 423

    Ram Flatbeds

    Right. Both look good though...
  3. Rescue 423


    Looks good! I like the roads integration with the bridge/ SNOT parking lot. Surprisingly smooth!
  4. This is the San Brickardo Police Department (SBPD) and will cover the city of San Brickardo. So far only 2 divisions in the city have been planned, the 7th and 5th precincts. The 7th precinct building has already been built (and has been referenced as simple "modular police station" and I am part way thru digitally creating the small sketchy neighborhood it serves. I will then move onto digitally designing and creating the 5th division station and the larger downtown area it protects. As you can see from the badge, this department is based on the LAPD and SFPD, and the city it serves
  5. Lol forgot bout the mirrors. yeah those I'll definitely change. I might shorten the bumper too, but It would look weird next to ones with a push bumper. I'll experiment.
  6. Yeah it would've been harder to decal and too long...
  7. I can't make the changes to the side if i want to keep having the ability to fit a minifigure inside and IMO the flat back looks better than the one Josh has on his new one.
  8. Changes? What changes did he make?
  9. So, I was experimenting with making decals for @ Josh's Crown vic and I made a set that i think look amazing. Rendering rn and will be in the gallery soon. Also made some for @ Sven Explorer. Also looks amazing!

    1. Rescue 423

      Rescue 423

      Posts up, go check it out!

  10. Ok so i've been showing you guys bits and pieces of san brickardo, here is a total recap of what I've got so far:

    Note: this photo is already our of date lol 

  11. This ones for you @Joshua B 🤣😆 Who here thinks ford is superior to Chevrolet?
  12. Thanks! Honestly any colors look good on Svens Explorer.
  13. Rescue 423

    San Brickardo Public Transit

    The service that serves the city of San brickardo with monorails and buses. List of routes:
  14. Rescue 423

    SBPT Bus Front

    Thank you! Honestly these colors are just the ones from the monorail transferred onto a bus.... they aen't perfect but they'll work. Thanks!

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