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  1. Anyone interested in purchasing custom made apparatus? If so, PM me please.

  2. Currently working on a Pierce Ascendant on an Arrow XT chassis.. I need parts..

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    2. EHFDtower751


      i really like the ascendant, only thing im still wondering is how they designed it to be only on 2 main outriggers, plus the one thats hidden under the bottom in the rear


      AND all on a single axle

    3. T.J. Brammer

      T.J. Brammer

      @EHFDtower751, in my opinion, Pierce designed the Ascendant like a 75' Quint, all they done to change it was add a larger ladder and different body.

    4. Ed O

      Ed O



      Pierce can also do a 100' on a single axle with up to 750 gallons of water

  3. Happy Birthday Ben!

  4. As of about a week ago, Ive been on EB for three years..

  5. Just uploaded a vid:

    1. ~JD~


      Nice vid, but why so short on both th squad and rescue? You covered all the clutter on the front bumper but that's it, what about the compartments and interior? Again, nice vids but they're pretty short and don't cover a lot.

  6. Detroit's new Ambos are looking sharp:

    1. ~JD~


      They're alright, they seem to small to me though.

  7. Lots of updates coming

  8. Is anyone else's LDD crashing when they try to save or open some models?

  9. Re building Rescue 1..

  10. When do you think Pierce will change something on the Quantum, Arrow XT or Velocity?

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    2. Ben


      Are they run off of the same compressor as the air horns?

    3. ~JD~
    4. ID-1


      Expect no design/fascia changes anytime soon. What are you looking to change?

      Air actuated steps can be run off their own compressor if spec'd.

  11. Tiller is going to be uploaded soon!!

  12. Happy New Year Everyone1

  13. I want to build, but I have no pieces

    1. T.J. Brammer

      T.J. Brammer

      Me too, I got bricks, but their mostly the wrong ones.

    2. Lebby


      That Sir, would be a problem...

    3. EHFDtower751


      sounds like me.......im building 2 firehouses, but im at a standstill with them til i get paid again

  14. where will my 6 katrillion Mars 888s go on a Pierce Quantum..?

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    2. ~JD~


      The standard lighting options and maybe two bumper mounted LEDs.

    3. Ben


      But.. But.. Can It have Dash flashers and grille lights?

    4. ~JD~


      I'm not sure how you would pull off grill lights but a whelen dominator would be nice.

  15. Is the new LDD update constantly crashing for anyone else?

    1. Joshua O.

      Joshua O.

      It seems to be working fine for me. . .

    2. Lake Dodge Fire Rescue

      Lake Dodge Fire Rescue

      I decided against getting it.

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