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  1. Happy Birthday BPVFD24!

  2. I think another truck from the old Brickland Park days needs to make a comeback.

    1. ~JD~


      Is gonna be old school and will it be serving with Brickland city beach instead?

    2. BPVFD24


      Don't know what department it will serve. But, I've already got some ideas flowing of how to improve on the old design. Hint: She has a unique name.

    3. ~JD~


      Coolio, can't wait to see it!

  3. Squad Engine 2 went in service this morning

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    2. BPVFD24


      The new Enforcer is the squad. Figured I'd try something new to see if I like it.

    3. ~JD~


      Nice! Hopefully it works out for you then!

    4. BPVFD24


      We'll see! haha

  4. I has frst brik bilt Enforcer. wuuuuuttt

  5. No more medical calls for my station!

  6. BPVFD Engine 11 has arrived. Members are still in the process of getting equipmnt to put her in service as soon as possible. We would like to thank the county for handing the truck over to keep ISO ratings up

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    2. ~JD~


      What do you mean keep the ISO ratings up? Unless you reduced coverage or staffing then the ISO is effected.

    3. ID-1


      Needs more wata.

    4. BPVFD24


      With our first out engine being a 69 WLF(can't build a good IHC 4 door to save my life for E9) ISO is kind of an issue. So now we got the new engine to not replace but run along side of E6(the WLF)

  7. What to build what to build...

    1. Michael Morrison

      Michael Morrison

      ALF??? Kidding. Kenworth pumper?

    2. BPVFD24


      Don't have the pieces to do a KW sadly

    3. EHFDtower751


      thats the problem with me.......all these lego pieces, and no idea WTH to build :P

  8. I want to go build but I'm sick and feel like I'd pass out beore I made it out there...haha

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    2. ~JD~


      Sounds like a personal problem.

    3. davidzq


      Time to move into the lego building permanently. Hope you feel better!

    4. Graeme T

      Graeme T

      Crawl to it that way you don't have that far to fall it you do pass out.

  9. Saw #4's new commander last night. Not in service yet but they had both doors open. First impression: Don't like it.

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    2. Nick Warner

      Nick Warner

      Rosenbauer. Not a big fan myself.

    3. ~JD~


      Oh yeah, It's pretty meh.

    4. Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      Chris Sullivan-Irwin

      City next to me got one in the past 6 months, so far its running pretty well. I'm amazed that the bumper hasnt been damaged when the truck leaves the station ramp. http://www.rosenbaueramerica.com/deliveries/detail/?id=969

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    2. ID-1
    3. R-J FD

      R-J FD

      There is a story behind it..its from Portraits of Hope and a form of creative therapy. Really cool story and group. Look it up.

    4. BPVFD24


      Read the story after finding the pic and posting it here. The wraps are supposed to come off this fall.

  10. Firefighter/EMT Chris Whitmore was laid to rest today, may he rest in peace

  11. Happy Birthday BPVFD24!

  12. Wanna build something but don't know what...

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    2. Jordan G.

      Jordan G.

      Yea, that's true. How about a commercial chassis Pumper Tanker?

    3. BPVFD24


      That's a pretty good idea...never can have too many commercial cabs. I just need to find out if I have the pieces necessary

    4. Jordan G.

      Jordan G.

      Ahh, very true, commercials always take up alot of pieces.

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