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  1. Happy Birthday Lee C!

  2. Happy Birthday Lee C!

  3. "You are staring at the names of 343 heroes. 343 American heroes. 343 men who ran in while the entire world stood waiting and watching. First responders on the front line of a war that may never end. I want you to stare at these names. I want you to memorize them. Go home tonight, get on the Internet and look up these names. Find out who these men were and what they did on that day. And then you'll realize this ain't a job. It ain't an occupation. It's a calling! A nee...

    1. Lee C

      Lee C

      d. A desire that you feel in your bones and your brains and your nutsack" - Tommy Gavin

  4. Day #2 of workout done. Getting sore, but in the end this will all be totally worth it.

  5. 2 days into the school year and I already got a legitimate homework assignment. Ugh. Goodbye summer..I'll miss you.

    1. Lee C

      Lee C

      All I have to say is, it was an AWESOME summer. Got to see some cool stuff at work (between Fire Departments, trucks and some sight seeing), got to go to a few fires, got my hands dirty for the first time at a fire (2-3 weeks ago), made some awesome friends, and I'll most of all miss sleeping in.

  6. Still looking for someone who's interested in designing a new banner for the Mt. Lego website..

  7. Still looking for someone who's interested in designing a new banner for the Mt. Lego website..

  8. Who would be willing to create a new banner for the Mt. Lego website? Since it's outdated, I feel the need for a new one. You get a nonexistent cookie!

  9. "What's the worst that could happen?" Said every person who has gotten hurt/in trouble ever.

    1. Evan M.

      Evan M.

      lol ISLAGI (It Seemed Like A Good Idea)

    2. Michael Morrison

      Michael Morrison

      Speaking from experience Lee?

    3. Lee C

      Lee C

      Oh yeah, definitely speaking from experience on this one hahah

  10. Off to Pymatuning until Wednesday for work tomorrow. I see a lot of fishing being done when I'm not testing hose!

  11. Final touches on the new trucks are complete. Waiting til tomorrow for photos!

  12. Putting the final touches on the new rigs. Pictures shall be posted after drill.

  13. I stand corrected..two new engines have made their way to the Borough! Pictures will be up tomorrow. I'm more than satisfied how they turned out. I really missed building.

  14. I'm down one KME twin. A new engine has made its way into Mt. Lego Borough. Pictures to come tomorrow!

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